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FULL TRANSCRIPT: Greyson Chance Twitter Q & A Session - Sunday April 21, 2013

Greyson Chance 2013 Interview Fans Twitter Answers New Album
Greyson Chance talks to his fans!
Greyson Chance is back!

After several months of hiding out in relative obscurity, singer songwriter Greyson Chance has finally opened up to his fans about his current project and upcoming plans!

Greyson’s followers and one of his largest fan bases (cough cough) have been pestering him for quite some time about not communicating very much recently and he finally took to his Twitter account on Sunday afternoon to share some exciting news with his fans.

It turns out that Greyson has been quietly building his new management team and working nonstop in the studio the last couple of months on a new album!

Greyson ended his Question and Answer session with the following message to his fans,
“Thank you all so much for the questions! - I'm gonna bang on the piano now! Also, I wanna say thanks for always being by me and understanding what goes on behind the scenes. You have been a very strong support and you are gonna flip at these new songs. Be ready for some surprises (: - Have a good Sunday!!"
Below is a complete transcript of the questions and Greyson’s answers. 

Q: When are you releasing more music?
Greyson: Within months! I have been writing non-stop and been in the studio…

Q: How is the work in the studio going along?
Greyson: Very well! I have been really trying to nail down lyrical ideas. I have been wanting to come up with really interesting things to incorporate to melody (:

Q: Are you writing all the new music?
Greyson: Yes I am (: Also co-writing with a couple of people.

Q: Why haven't you been updating us a lot?
Greyson I really do apologize. I have been very busy lately. I promise that I will stay connected more (: and will keep you updated on what I'm brewing in the studio!!

Q: Do you still remember the fans that have been here since the beginning?
Greyson: I do, and always will (: I promise

Q: What is the new music gonna sounds like?
Greyson: I think it's gonna surprise you. It's what I've always wanted to do. At the moment, I would say the police. they are really funky, check them out!!

Q: Is the new music gonna be some serious soul music?
Greyson: Haha! maybe not too ray Charles (; but a little bit of soul

Q: How's your hair been?
Greyson: A MESS! I can't keep up with it, haha I like beanies!!

Q: What's your favorite book?
Greyson: “Catcher in the Rye” for sure…

Q: Are you wearing socks? What color?
Greyson: Actually, I am barefoot. This is a first

Q: When will you next be on Ellen?
Greyson: Right now I'm gonna focus on making the music perfect. then I will promote (:

Q: Favorite song at the moment?
Greyson: This is tough. hmm. stars of track an field by belle and Sebastian

Q: What are you doing now?
Greyson: Banging at those keys (:

We knew Greyson had everything under control and we are excited that he could finally share some fresh news with his fans!

And don't forget that Sunday April  28, 2013 is "World Greyson Day" - the day Enchancers will celebrate Greyson's three year anniversary of releasing his now famous Paparazzi YouTube video.

Greyson's fans have big plans for that day and we want you to be part of it so check out our special celebration invitation at the following link:

Come Celebrate World Greyson Day 2013 With Enchancers Around the World

It should be a fun day and we hope you can take part in the celebration with us.

See you on Twitter!

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  1. I think Greyson should record a cover song on video and post it on his youtube channel on Sun, 4/28, RIGHT??
    Hearing the sound of his new voice would really help all his fans to realize what a good adult voice he has developed. I really think everyone would enjoy that as part of the anniversary celebration on that special day...
    I'm not advocating spamming, but many of you fans should tweet him and ask him to do a video for you and post it on Sunday, April 28... Show him what good fans you all are and maybe he will reward you with a sweet song?

  2. Not critical. However it does irk me somewhat when 'gonna & wanna' are treated as the norm. Please be reminded that other nationalities whom do not use english as their first language, would appreciate the correct pronunciation and spelling.
    'Going to' is not hard to write.

    1. Are you serious? Greyson is 15 years old. He is a teenager and that's how teenagers talk on twitter. I'm sure when he is writing professional treatments and correspondence for his business he knows how and when to use the appropriate language. Greyson is already more mature and professional than 99% of teenagers out there today.

      But I'm glad you realize it's not critical...


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