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Greyson Chance Picture of the Day
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Greyson and his sister Alexa during his Asian tour
Greyson and his sister Alexa during Asian tour
Greyson Chance cooking old school during Asian tour
Greyson Chance Relaxing on the couch
Greyson Chance in his skinny white jeans
Greyson Describing His New Album
Greyson Chance During Interview
Talking About Writing "Little London Girl"
Greyson Chance "The Magic Hands"
Greyson Live on Stage
Greyson Live in New York
Greyson and Santa - Christmas in October
Greyson "In the Spotlight"
Tired on the Tour Bus Doing Vocal Lessons
Greyson Live in Boston
Greyson Chance with his older brother
Greyson Chance - "Ice Cream Lover"
Greyson During Photo Shoot
Greyson Chance acting like a goof during an interview
Greyson lost in the woods
Greyson Chance Skinny Jeans
Greyson Chance "Bug Eyed" - Working Late
Greyson Chance wearing a wig in Malaysia
Greyson Chance looking like he joined the Beatles
Greyson Chance as Paul McCartney
Greyson Chance is a Nerd
Greyson Vanity Black and White
Greyson Bullet Necklace and Journey Shirt
Greyson Chance tongue studio
Greyson Chance and his magic tongue - 2012
Greyson Chance bites his bullet necklace - 2012

Greyson Chance Picture of the Day
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  1. Some of these pics have the wrong descriptions....like the one that says he is with his brother, that is not his brother, I'm pretty sure thats his friend but I know it's noy his brother. And then the pic that says he is talking about running away, that was in an interview awhile ago before he even wrote running away...just letting you know (:

  2. very handsome boy :)i will always miss him so much :') i hope i can meet him :')

  3. i love nerds too. i want that shirt pls

    1. i want the shirt too. i got what they were trying to say with the caption "greyson chance is a nerd."

  4. Rio de Janeiro in Greyson's shirt *O*

  5. he's cute ! i like him for his great voice .. then the cute become the bonus .. haha :)

  6. I know right hes so grexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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