Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photos - Greyson Chance at the Grove for His “Extra” Interview – His New Haircut Rocks!

Greyson at "The Grove" sporting his new hair cut!

Greyson Chance hit up the Grove last night for an interview with “Extra” television - but all the buzz was about his new haircut, a possible duet with Lady Gaga, his possible role on Glee, and his new music video being released this Friday!

Earlier in the day, Greyson visited the set of “Good Day LA” where he dished on a possible collaboration with Lady Gaga and talked about his appearance on “Raising Hope”.

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But the big news was Greyson’s hair and his new haircut!

His fans seem to be split about 50/50 whether they like his old hair style or his new hair style better. We think he looks good ANY way he chooses to style his hair and we have some GREAT pictures of his new cut.

Before the interview, Greyson attended a small dinner party with Pop Star Magazine where he met his old friends Ariana Grande and Cody Simpson, and made a new friend when he met Kendall Jenner.

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Greyson visits with best friend Ariana Grande
Greyson meets Kendall Jenner for the first time
Greyson with new hair Cut
Greyson Chance at "The Grove"
Greyson being interviews for "Extra" TV
Greyson and his million dollar smile
Greyson Chance with "Extra" Host
Greyson arriving at the Pop Star Party
Greyson arriving to the Pop Star Party
Greyson arriving at the Pop Star Party
Greyson will next make an appearance on the Ellen show this Friday along with Lady Gaga to announce the release of his new music video for “Hold on ‘til the Night”.

As soon as we can get our hands on the video we will post it here so stay tuned and follow us on twitter!

What do YOU think about Greyson’s new hair? - Please leave a comment!

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  1. OMGC he's so cute!!! love new hair!

  2. sweet and cute.... i like his new image ^^


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