Friday, May 11, 2012

The Official Dictionary of Greyson Chance Slang - The Grictionary

Second Edition Official Dictionary (Grictionary) of Greyson Chance slang, sayings, terms, definitions, and abbreviations.

Grexy – Greyson slang for being sexy

Grexyness – The act of Greyson appearing grexy

Grelly – Greyson’s stomach or belly as in, “OMG – I can see Greyson’s grelly in that photo!!!”

Grey Grey Germs – The germs left by Greyson after biting his bullet all day

Grox – Greyson’s socks as in “Greyson just tweeted a picture of him in his Grox!”

Grinkles – When Greyson scrunches his nose and shows his cute nose wrinkles

Grom – Greyson’s mom Lisa

Grepic – When something is so amazing and huge (like seeing a Greyson concert live in person) that it can only be described as epic by an Enchancer

Grife – Considering yourself as Greyson’s wife

Greylien – That moment when your mood doesn’t feel human, but feels rather alien instead

Greyzan – Greylish nickname given to Greyson after he was seen swinging upside down like Tarzan on the pipes backstage at a concert in Jakarta Indonesia

Grecord – Having another milestone like a Gold record or new album

Gramily – Being part of Greyson’s family of fans and supporters

Enchancer – Being part of Greyson’s fan base

Greysonator – Being part of Greyson’s fan base

Enchancing – Similar to fan-girling but all energy and devotion is focused toward Greyson

Grey Grey – Slang for Greyson Chance

T.G.I.F. – Think Greyson is Fantastic

S.W.A.G. – Someone Who Adores Greyson

Greymazing – When Greyson does something that is amazing

Bite the Bullet – Named for Greyson’s habit of biting the bullet on his necklace to draw inspiration and relieve stress

#Ninja – One who possesses the ability to stalk Greyson’s every move while obtaining new and rare photos, video, and news.

Grafternoon – The act of wishing a fellow Enchancer a good afternoon

Grello – How two Enchancers say Hello to each other when meeting - (Not to be confused with Grell-O)

Grell-O – The end result of adding Nerds candy to Black Cherry flavored Jell-O before chilling in the refrigerator

Greysonology – The study of, and the art of knowing everything about Greyson Chance

Greyhounds – Term used to describe the paparazzi and photographers who chase after Greyson

Greydorable – The ability of Greyson to to appear both adorable and Grexy at the same time.

Greysome – The moment when Greyson is being both handsome AND awesome at the same time

Greylish – The art of speaking in Greyson slang with fellow Enchancers as in, “I speak Greylish too!”

Greytastic – When Greyson achieves a goal that is fantastic

Greyfect – The art of doing something absolutely perfect like Greyson

Greycious – When one is gracious to people – just like Greyson is gracious to his fans

Ecen – Slang used in Indonesia to show their admiration for Greyson and his cuteness

Greyeballs – That bugged-out look Greyson occasionally gets in his eyes when asked an embarrassing question

Sunny with a touch of Grey - Listening to Greyson's music outside on a beautiful sunny day

Grey Night – Wishing an Enchancer a good night

Grey Morning – Wishing an Enchancer a good morning

Greyt – Achieving something great by drawing inspiration from Greyson’s music

Oreo – If you’re an Enchancer you know it’s not just a cookie but the name of one of Greyson’s cats

Grustache – That small patch of fuzz Greyson gets above his lip after not shaving for a week.

Would you like a tic tac? – One of Greyson’s Ninja pickup moves he uses when first meeting a pretty girl.

Grutella – What happens when you mix Greyson’s appetite with Nutella

Groobs – The art of making boobs from your shirt like Greyson did on Raising Hope

#TheKidsGotSwag – Common Greylish twitter hashtag made popular by @GreysonChanceU

Grictionary – This! The official dictionary of Greyson Chance slang, sayings, terms, and abbreviations.

Graughing – When an Enchancer laughs out loud at something Greyson has done. (Also used as: GOL)

Just kitten - A phrase meaning "Just kidding." Normally used after the question "Do you want to hear about my new cat?"

OMG – Slang for “Oh my Greyson”

OMGC – Slang for “Oh my Greyson Chance”

Grexting – Repeatedly texting Greyson and asking him to follow you on twitter or reply to your DM

TTN – Slang for @TilTheNight's awesome message forum dedicated to Greyson Chance Fans 

Pingsan – What an Indonesian Enchancer says right before fainting from seeing a grexy photo of Greyson

Grunderstand – When you understand and can relate to lyrics in one of Greyson’s songs or music videos

Grealous – When you are jealous of another fan for getting to touch or hug Greyson when you didn’t

Grenvy – The emotion of envy when you see Greyson with some girl that's not you

Papa Greyson – What your children will call Greyson in 10 years

Gruttering – When Greyson stutters in an interview and starts every answer with, “Thank you… that’s a really great question… thank you for asking…”

Epic Grail – When Greyson epically fails at a task…. like trying to dance

Groops – When Greyson’s microphone falls off the stand in the middle of a song

Gronely – That lonely feeling an Enchancer gets when Greyson doesn’t tweet for 36 hours

Greygantuan Rush of Greynormous Gremotion – That feeling of emotion you get at a "Meet and Greet" the moment you finally get to touch Greyson’s hand

Unyu – Indonesian slang used when Greyson is being overly cute and adorable

Kece – An Indonesian term of endearment that describes Greyson’s awesome coolness and handsomeness

LLG – Slang for laughing like Greyson

Enchancified – That exact moment when you see a friend suddenly become an Enchancer

Greysonified – When you see Greyson’s humor, quirks, or personality personified in yourself or one of your friends

#OperationPurpleSky – The rallying cry Enchancers invoke when someone needs help or are being bullied or treated unfairly

Greacher – When Greyson has to act like a teacher during an interview by correcting the host or setting them straight on the facts

Grance – The strange gyrating movement Greyson makes when he tries to dance

Grawkward – The awkward way Greyson sits in a chair during interviews – always squirming and unable to sit still

Unforgreytable – When Greyson does something unforgettable like eating durian or saying “Selamat Mama”

Grumor – When Greyson is funny and gets the host to laugh using his humor during an interview

Gribernation – The hibernation mode Greyson goes through after coming off the road from touring

Greystonishment – The look on an Enchancers face when they see Greyson in person for the first time

Groxygen – The air that you are breathing when you are in the same building, or city, as Greyson Chance

Gwag – What you have when you got just a little bit more swag than a Justin Bieber fan. You got Greyson Swag, or Gwag

Grusband – What you would call Greyson if you got married (Also see: Grife)

Greaming – When you dream about Greyson after listening to his music before you go to bed

Grending – When Greyson’s twitter fans trend a hashtag for him on Twitter

Greydiction – The powerful addiction caused by listening to Greyson’s music or stalking @GreysonChanceU’s twitter account

Grouble – When you get into trouble at school for not being able to focus in class because you are constantly humming “Hold on ‘Til The Night”

Grazy – When a person becomes so crazy or obsessed with Greyson and his music that they literally go grazy

Greysomnia - When an Enchancer can't sleep because they have been listening to, or thinking about Greyson all day

Greytful – When an Enchancer stops to think about how grateful they are for getting to know Greyson and his music

Grove – That feeling you get when you think you’re starting to fall in love with Greyson

Greckles – The freckles on Greyson’s nose

Grimples – The dimples seen when Greyson smiles or laughs in a certain way

Blaite – The color you get when mixing Greyson’s two favorite colors of Black and White

Grexcited – The excitement an Enchancer feels when they meet a new friend and find out they also like Greyson and his music

Grollowing – When the only people you follow on Twitter are Enchancers

Greysonized – When an Enchancer converts something into a shrine for Greyson as in “I just Greysonized by bedroom with pictures and posters…”

Gruper Fanmorphous  – The moment an Enchancer goes from being a normal Enchancer into being a Greyson Super Fan

Grawless – What an Enchancer says when they see a new picture of Greyson that is absolutely 100% flawless

Griano – Slang for Greyson’s red and black “word” pianos. It can also refer to ANY piano Greyson plays

Lauren – The name that cannot be spoken

Soon, very soon - A Greylish term used by Enchancers to describe an event that probably won't happen until the year 2050

Grumor – When a rumor about Greyson gets started like, “OMG Greyson and Barbie are dating…”

Grogwarts – That magical fantasy place of Hogwarts where you and Greyson are in the same “Dark Arts” class

The following definitions will only mean something to a small number of Enchancers who have special training and are wise to the meaning of their use. All we ask is that you invoke them with care and never out of anger, greed, envy, pride, or revenge. 

Graccio – The spell to transport the sound of Greyson’s music into your head at any moment

Grengorgio – The spell used to enlarge a photo of Greyson to consume your entire computer screen

Greducio – The spell used to reduce the size of a Greyson Photo so it will fit on your cell phone without using up all your space

Expecto Greytronum – The spell used to summons Greyson to appear as your personal friendly Patronus

If you find any typos or have suggestions for our Grictionary just leave a comment or tweet them to @GreysonChanceU with the hashtag #Grictionary and we will add it to the list.

Thanks to everybody who helped compile the first edition of our Official Greyson Chance Dictionary of Words, Terms, Slang and Spells.

Welcome to "The Grictionary" and the art of speaking Greylish!

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  1. Yay, you used Oreo! (That was my idea :D) I'll be showing this to all my friends and using these grepic words whenever I can!

  2. This Grectionary is So Greymazing :)

  3. Like this .. Thumb up

  4. i think unforgreytable : unforgettable moment (:

  5. u guys should get this stuff and put it into a book and sell it i know i wanna buy it and it's sooooooo awsome

  6. wow, I love this, I do. so greysome, unforgreytable, grexcited and gruper fanmorphous. Sounds great you include Unyu Kece Pingsan Ecen from Indonesia. Uwaaaaaa really glad to be part of enchancers #ProudToBeEnchancer

  7. WHOA love this Grictionary Im Gruper Grexcited This is Greysome !! We are #proudToBeEnchacer #GreysoNator

  8. DesireegreygreyswagMay 21, 2012 at 3:52 PM

    You should put up "grair" for Greyson's hair...."Gringer." for singingby Greyson....and "grongwriter" for songs that are written by Greyson!!!!!!!!!!(:(:(:(: #congratsalexachance

  9. I love this Grictionary! I'll show this to my Enchancer friend I'm sure she'll love it !:) Thank you for following me on Twitter Greyson Chance Universe ! :-)

  10. What's Grenis? Ive seen people use it.

  11. whooooaaahh hahaha only enchancers can make their own grictionary gruper grexciting...! can i suggest some words on your grictionary?

    greetie- when greyson call his fan sweetie during interview or press conference.

  12. I have them all memorized!! OH YEAH!

  13. OMGC I'm gonna use this all the time and people are gonna think I'm weird. Well I guess love IS weird!:)

  14. Greyson was affectionately known as "Chimpy" Chance at Cheyenne Middle School :)

  15. I Think You Should Add 'plz' Because Greyson Tweeted It When Asking Micheal To Give Him The Chords. Thanks Love Y'All!!

  16. YEAH! I was fun!! I like it. I LOVE IT!! WAHH! Greylish Blahblah its so greymazing greaming and what so ever.GRUMB UP!(thumbsup)

  17. grenis for greyson manis or... yeah you know. greyson's pe**s lol!

  18. this grictionary is very knowledge for me and the best dictionary i think :D

  19. grictionary is cool and i love this!!!


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