Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LISTEN - Greyson Chance Releases New Funk Single “Thrilla in Manila”

Greyson Chance and his team in Holland - 2014

Greyson Chance released his new single “Thrilla in Manila” yesterday and so far the feedback from his fans has been amazing.

Greyson’s new track is a combination of funk, pop, disco, Prince, Bee Gees, and intergalactic alien fusion - something we have not heard from him before.

Alien Derp Mode
We can’t help but listen to this and picture Greyson dancing around in the studio, something he would NEVER have done three years ago,and wonder if we're going to see him dancing to the beat soon!

Greyson told Billboard,

Thrilla in Manila is a funk track that speaks of turmoil between friends when relationships get romantic. Sonically it perfectly teases the sounds of my new album.."

Take a listen and let us know what you think of his new sound:

“Thrilla in Manila” is just the first taste of what we're told we can expect from his upcoming new album titled “Planet X” - and we suspect there will be new versions of “Temptation”, "Victim", “Football”, and his much teased “Insomnia” included as well.

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Thrilla was written and produced by Greyson and Gordon Groothedde and recorded on a recent trip to Holland.

Greyson has not shared a release date yet for Planet X but you got to believe it is fast approaching!!

We still really really want to hear the new music Greyson wrote while in Bali...

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  1. Temptation was written in Bali with Tamra Keenan as co-writer. Just an FYI.
    I LOVE Thrilla!

  2. This song is awesome, I can't wait for Greyson's new album. Great job Greyson.


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