Greyson's Biography

14-Year-Old Greyson Chance
Greyson Chance Biography

It's been a couple of busy years for 15-year-old Greyson Chance.

It all started by posting a video on YouTube and appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show and the rest… well, you know the story!

Greyson was born in Wichita Falls Texas August 16th 1997 and currently lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with his parents Scott and Lisa Chance. He is the youngest of three kids and has a sister Alexa who is 16-years-old, and an older brother who is 19-years-old.

All three kids love music, but it was young Greyson who got the lucky break – thanks to YouTube and Lady Gaga.

In 2010, Greyson was videotaped singing Lady Gaga’s hit song “Paparazzi”, and the video was later posted to YouTube by his brother and quickly generated millions of hits and became headline news when CNN profiled the young singer and his video during a prime time news segment.

Today the video has almost 43 million views.

Watch Greyson Chance sing Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi

It wasn’t long before daytime television host Ellen DeGeneres saw the video and invited Chance to appear on her show and was impressed by his musical talent and outgoing personality.

She quickly signed him to her “eleveneleven” record label and promised him she would mentor him through an incredible music career if he worked hard and stayed focused.

Even today, Greyson makes periodic appearance via satellite on her show to give her audience an update on his career and activities.

In May of 2010, Ellen’s production company reached a distribution and development deal with Interscope records and work began on Greyson’s first full length feature album titled “Hold On ‘Til The Night” which was released in the summer of 2011.

Before the official album release, Chance shared two individual singles with his fans – “Waiting Outside The Lines” and “Unfriend You”.

The audio track for “Unfriend You” was quickly followed by his first high budget music video.

Watch Greyson Chance Music Video for “Unfriend You”

In April of 2011, Greyson hit the road with the popular Australian singer Cody Simpson for a two month North American Tour – and his music career took off.

After the tour with Cody Simpson, Greyson performed several additional concerts with Amanda Cosgrove and Big Time Rush.

In September 2011, the young singer branched out into television by making several appearances on the smash hit sitcom “Raising Hope”. Greyson appeared in three episodes but insists that music is his first love saying,

"What I love about these episodes is there are some happy moments, there are some sad moments, there are some annoyed moments. It's just a very heartwarming episode. It also has a very cool twist, which I love too. Music is my first love but I had to jump at this opportunity because it just sounded so great."

For his efforts Greyson has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award, People’s Choice Award, and has won a Teen Pick YouTube Artist from the Hollywood Teen TV Awards panel.

Greyson has also become a social media success with his own Official Web Site, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and YouTube channel with over 97 million views so far.

During 2012 you can expect additional songs and concert appearances as he works to complete a second album planned for release in late 2012 or early 2013.

Watch a Young Greyson Chance Before He Was Famous

Also during 2012 the merchandising licenses begin to kick in so we can expect to see a run of goodies like sun glasses, wrist bands, t-shirts, calendars, coffee mugs, back packs, tooth brushes, and electronic gadgets – just to name a few.

Greyson may still be a bit too young to be posing shirtless in BOP Magazine, but it’s clear he has the potential to be the next teen idol that makes all the girls scream.

Time will tell if young Greyson Chance has the chops to become the next Justin Bieber but we think he is well on his way.

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  1. his meant to be a greyt greyt singer:) i swear :)

  2. He's soooo hot!!! But he's not the next Bieber, Bieber sucks! He's the first Greyson.

  3. I agree, i dont think that he is the next bieber, he is one of a kind. I wont trash talk the JB but i think that greyson has a much more mature voice! HE IS GREYT GREYT GREYT

  4. Btw hes 15 and hes so freakin cute i luv greyson chance


    1. How could you love Gr"E"yson Chance when you got his first name wrong?? ( no offense) i just noticed it.

  6. wow! i am so proud of Greyson Chance <3 he has made a lot of girls scream XD and he is just so inspiring <3 his music and himself keeps on inspiring our generation :) i love you Greyson! you're doing Greyt!
    please keeps on being Greyson and also being great = Greyt XD

  7. Hi Greyson!!! I love youu! <3 You're my favorite singer and the best singer!! I'm really really wishing that this christmas.. when i wake up and go down the stairs.. I want to see a big tall box near the christmas tree and when i start to open it.. you would jump out and say " Merry Christmas Alexa!" Alexa is my real name.. and i'm not joking or pretending to copy your sister's name which is also Alexa. I just hope my wish will come true because i only met you once.. even though i watched you here in the Philippines (Manila) 3 times.. i didnt get to meet you when you went here for the first time and when you had your concert. :(( But, i didn't get your autograph when you went here to be live at the Market Market. Because.... i didn't get to buy the Greyson Chance stuff so.. i didn't get to get your autograph. And i really hope you read this and like it!! :) i wish you get to know me :)) -Alexa :)) (from the Philippines at Manila) I hope i get to meet you person to person and face to face :))

  8. Greyson don't know if you read these posts or not, but coming from a 15 yr old male you got a shot and the voice and talent to take you there. just don't become another Justin Bieber be the teen singer that everybody likes and wants to be.

    1. yeah, everyone likes you the way you are even me!! luv you Greyson!! :)

  9. i love Greyson Chance sooooo much :)))))))

  10. Greyson, you're amazing!!

  11. greyson is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,,,,, ahh,,uh,,, ahm... i dont know??? but i love him not because hes famous but becuse of,,,ahmmm,,he is greyson chance.... hoho....undrestnd???

  12. Greyson chance,
    you are the best singer i have ever heard. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. When i heard your first song i loved you. you are amazing :) :) :) :) :) <3 <3 <3

  13. omg i cried watching him singing as a child that was so cute

  14. we love you and have loved you ever since we seen you at darien lake with miranda and you were better than her. all the girls in my family looooooooove you.

  15. love you GREYSON CHANCE......

    indonesia fans_Niken :) ;)

  16. Greyson Chance rocks, and to the people that hate him and or his music I think you have no taste because he just rules. Rock on Greyson.


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