Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NEWS FLASH: Did Greyson Chance Just Leave His Long Time Manager Troy Carter and the Atom Factory?

Greyson Chance Record Label Interscope Management Atom Factory 2013
Greyson Chance performs a song from "Truth Be Told Part 1"

It seems like more change is in the air for singer songwriter Greyson Chance…

First it was the separation from his record label Interscope, and now it looks like Greyson may have also parted ways with his long time Management Company “Atom Factory” and early supporter Troy Carter.

This story has actually been brewing for a couple of weeks when a few of us over at the Greyson Chance Forum noticed that Greyson had been replaced by new artists “Mindless Behavior” on the Atom Factory web site.

While Mindless Behavior took Greyson’s prominent position on the site, Greyson was still listed under the “Full Client List” with a nice bio and comment about his latest EP “Truth Be Told Part 1”

Greyson Chance Universe reached out to John Write and the Atom Factory management by phone and email for a comment regarding Greyson’s current status and future plans with the company but we never received any response.

Greyson Chance with his Ukulele 2013
Greyson Chance with his Ukulele
And as of today, March 27, 2013, not only has Mindless Behavior been removed from the Atom Factory full client list but Greyson’s name and all of his images have also been removed from their site.

According to the Atom Factory client list they are currently only representing Fareoh, John Legend, Lady Gaga, Priyanka Chopra, and The Ceremonies.

Greyson Chance and Mindless Behavior are no longer mentioned except for one small blurb on the ABOUT page that we think they forgot to remove.

Since Greyson has not commented on this publicly we really don’t know the details of what exactly has happened but in the “Open Letter” that he shared with his fans on February 19, 2013 he said,
“I’m headed back into the studio very soon, and will shortly have some more official updates to share about what’s next for me and my career. I can honestly say that I am very excited about this new music and the people that I am working with coming up...”
So, it looks like it may be a clean break for Greyson – not only working with a new label but a new management team as well.

Greyson Chance 2013 Truth Be Told Part 2 New Record Label
Greyson performing "Leila"
We’re pretty sure that Greyson, his family, and current advisers know exactly what they are doing and are getting everything in place for a new version 2.0 of Greyson Chance.

We can all read into this news a lot of speculation (both good and bad) but until Greyson himself lets his fans know what is happening all we can do is stumble across these small clues and try to follow the trail.

There is no doubt that record label and management changes require an enormous amount of work to close down, settle up, rework, repackage, and develop new contracts, music and relationships along with updated promotional material before things can proceed again.

We suspect Greyson is painfully aware that his fans have been left in the dark and are confused about what is happening since “Truth Be Told Part 1” and his promo projects never materialized in the United States during January 2013 as planned.

We also suspect that Greyson and the people around him are working as fast as they can to get things moving in the right direction again.

GCU is here to support Greyson and feel that all of these recent changes were necessary to allow Greyson to grow into the artist that he wants to become - the artist he knows he can be if surrounded by the right people and support.

Greyson Chance performing "California Sky"

So, our job as his fans and enthusiasts is to support Greyson on this journey of change while we look forward to what we know is going to be more incredible music.

It may not come as fast as we had all hoped, but let’s give Greyson the time, space, and encouragement he needs while he gets things right.

Sometimes you have to leave the past behind in order to get to where you know you need to be…

Greyson is smart. He knows what he is doing.

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  1. Somewhere deep in my head my brain wants to think that it may all be over... I hope not. It would be a tragedy and a lesson for all music fans about just how unfair the music biz is and how evil the record companies really are. Good luck Greyson. We hope you can do this!!

  2. AWW. <3 Everything will be in place.

  3. I hope everything will be alright. I mean,Greyson work so hard and those who left him in the dark are so cruel! :( I'll always support you Greyson!

  4. ...i just hope this works out.

  5. Greyson will be back when the time is right. No worries.

  6. If (since) both Greyson and Mindless have been released by Troy, then Troy might just be too busy (Backplane, PopWater, VC, Gaga + older clients) and has handed the "kids" off to other management.
    I assume Ellen is still involved with Greyson; then he is still in good hands. And since Gaga and Ellen are good friends, then I have less worries ...


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