Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Performs “Home is in Your Eyes” Live

My heart beats a little bit slower

Theses nights are a little bit colder

Now that you’re gone…

Our favorite new artist Greyson Chance visited Busch Gardens in Williamsburg last month to give a live performance that really shows how far this kid has come since being discovered by Ellen.

One song that really impressed us was “Home is in Your Eyes”. It is another example of Greyson steering clear of the traditional pop rock genre that we are all getting tired of.

“Home is in Your Eyes” is really a timeless song and an emotional cry about losing something that you have loved so dearly.

In the end, even after you have lost something of tremendous value, you can always return home to that love and warmth that makes you feel wanted, needed, and comfortable again.

It is also another song that will grow with Greyson, and we can see “Home” being a song that other artists will want to cover.

“Home is in Your Eyes” is a tremendous song.

Okay, first – whoever the fan was who shot this video did a great job and appeared to have the best seat in the house. They were RIGHT THERE in front and it looked like they were only inches from the stage.

Lucky fan.

Now, since live performances tend to make some of the lyrics difficult to understand, we have also included the studio version of “Home is in Your Eyes” complete with lyrics so you can grasp the entire song.

We also noticed a few times when Greyson jumps up to those high falsetto notes that he is actually starting to sound a little but like… wait for it…. Lady Gaga!

It’s not overkill, but every now and then we hear a little Gaga sneak into his personality.

This truly separates him from all other pop techno drum machine artists. We don’t see Greyson ever trying to do Hip Hop – and that’s a GOOD thing.

GC – keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be just fine.

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