Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Performs “Little London Girl” Live – Talks About Why He Wrote It

Greyson Singing "Little London Girl"
One thing we have really come to like about Greyson Chance is that his songs are mostly upbeat – happy songs.

They also have a certain originality to them that separate them, and Greyson, from the standard techno beat pop bubble gum love songs we hear so much today.

One track on Greyson’s “Hold On ‘Til The Night” album caught our attention – “Little London Girl”.

This song has a breezy almost tropical island feel to it. It made us wish we were sitting on a beach drinking lemonade with the stereo blasting.

We also like watching Greyson perform live on stage. You can really tell what an artist is made of when they have to get up in front of tons of people and perform.

When asked about “Little London Girl” and why he wrote it Greyson says,

“When I was on my first trip to London for promotional work, I also had some studio time booked in case I wanted to record. I loved London a lot and it gave me a fun rock ‘n’ roll type of vibe. It was always raining and cloudy and to be honest, on the verge of being depressing. So I wanted to make a song that shone through all the clouds and the rain. The original idea was, “You light my world my little American girl.” But I wanted to make something about the magical city of London. This song is about meeting a girl in London who is very rock ‘n’ roll. She is wearing leather tights with Ray Ban’s on, that type of girl. London is such an amazing city and I wanted to highlight it with this song!”

Greyson succeeds in this song because it is light and enchanting – it’s almost the perfect song for him.

And you’ve heard us say this before – but it’s a song he will be able to sing for years to come as he won’t out grow it.

Now, just like live performances are prone to do, it may have been hard to understand all the lyrics in the video and hard to get the full effect so we have also included the studio version for you to listen to.

Isn’t that just a great song? Can’t you picture yourself on the beach, in the sun, blasting your music on a summer day?

That’s what great music does – it paints a picture in your mind. Your picture may be different than my picture – but it moved us both to think and create our own picture and space.

Way to go Greyson!

What do YOU think of “Little London Girl”? Is it one of your favorites?

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  1. I could hardly agree with you less on your comments here. Greyson's best songs are all downbeat, full of pain and heartbreak. Running Away, Slipping Away, Heart like Stone, Cheyenne.
    I can admire Little London Girl, Stranded and Summer Rain as competent upbeat songs in a sort of retro pop style. But Greyson's genius is revealed most in his darker songs.


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