Sunday, November 20, 2011

Greyson Chance Gets Bitten by a Rabid “Twilight” Fan While In the Philippines

Greyson avoids certain death
Well, sometimes being a rock star is not everything that you might expect.

Sure, you have your crazy fans that sneak into your hotel trying to get your autograph or a photo, or frantic fans chasing your limo down the street to get one last look at you, but you don’t expect to get bitten by an overly enthusiastic fan!

But yesterday, singer Greyson Chance had to come to terms with his dark side while touring in Manila when a super fan of the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” movie decided she was going to give young Greyson a vampire bite on the neck.

Greyson took to twitter to say,
“First time I have ever been bitten by a fan…haha ouch!”
To be fair - last week was the movie premier of the next “Twilight” saga movie and fans in the Philippines were excited not only about the new movie, but because Greyson Chance was doing a concert there as well.

But DON’T WORRY - Greyson is fine, and witnesses say it was more of a funny gesture made by the fan rather than a full-blown neck tickler.

Greyson always meets with his fans after his shows and takes pictures with them and signs autographs.

He is also known for striking funny poses and being goofy with his fans during the picture taking and sometimes lets the girls give him a kiss on the cheek.

In this case the kiss turned out to be a playful bite on the neck – vampire style.

But within hours, Greyson was spotted back stage in his dressing room sporting thick facial hair - and he had ripped off all his cloths and was running around howling like an animal all while… wait a minute…. never mind… uh, I was thinking of something else entirely.

Anyway… This is why people adore this kid. He is funny and very personable with his fans and we hope that trait continues as his career matures.

After all, we don’t want him to start getting tattoos, buying Land Rovers, and singing hip hop Christmas songs now do we?

One highlight of Greyson’s performance in Manila was the playing of his first Christmas song live on stage during a concert. He belted out a jolly version of “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” and got everybody in the Holiday spirit.

Next stop is Jakarta Indonesia for a show at the Hard Rock Café before heading back to the United States to continue work on his upcoming projects and 2012 tour.

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  1. See, I always KNEW he was from House Slytherin. Somebody said they heard him speaking Parseltongue and holding his forehead right before this happened.

  2. Greyson is amazing, and talented. He's real and is truthful to his fans. He's not like others, he's different. He doesn't play guitar, say "SWAG", and do organized dances on stage. He's intelligent,kind,and a complete sweetheart. I respect him for all his work, and hope he continues to stay in the right path. I've seen him perform live several times, in PA,NJ,and NY. He was magnificent each time, each show was different and unique! The last time I saw him was in Philly on 9/19/11..he remembered me along with many other fans. He's a 14yr old boy from Edmond, Oklahoma and loves what he's doing. So please don't hate on him, or any celebrity for that matter. They've never done anything do you. I'll forever be a fan/Greysonator/Enchancer!:P ~Christina NJ(98nina98 on Twitter.) (:


  4. i want to bite him!!!
    i love greyson soo much!!
    i love him now n i'll love him 4 as long as i live!!!

  5. I bet you were at least a little bit mad Greyson,but when you think about it, it really means that that girl was such a hard core Enchancer and she loved you soooo much that she wanted a little bit of greygrey neck flesh. I wouldn't want to bite you but I do love you!!!!<3 <3 <3 <3


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