Monday, September 12, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Sings “Summer Train” – Wow, What an Awesome Song!

Come with me for a little ride; see the shadows passing by…

Daydreaming lightly through the rain, all's forgiven on a summer train…

Wow, good stuff.

In another example of how Greyson Chance has decided to tackle the adult genre musical theme instead of the pop culture saturated by artists like Justin Bieber, his song “Summer Train” exploits his sensitive and emotionally sounding voice and his ability to sound years older than he really is. Kind of like his song “Fire”.

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“Summer Train” has a very peaceful, easy going flow to it that sets itself apart from ordinary pop music, again giving Greyson a tremendous song in his arsenal that he will be able to sing for years to come.

This is not a onetime bubble gum song written for his teen fans – this song is already positioning him for a more adult sounding style that he’ll need over the next few years.


The lyrics clearly express the emotion of letting go, and putting behind the things that have kept you from moving forward.

You can see the lyrics to “Summer Train” and all of Greyson’s songs on our lyrics page.

The theme points to letting go of fear and just doing what feels right and not worrying about what others say or think. It is a song of strength but with a very soft approach.

We love it Greyson!

And we can’t wait to hear your Christmas songs you have planned for this Holiday season.

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