Monday, September 12, 2011

Video – Greyson Chance Behind the Scenes at His Yamaha "All Access" Photo Shoot

Greyson Chance was at sun drenched Venice Beach California recently working on his Yamaha All-Access photo shoot and took some time out to share some behind the scenes video with his fans.

Venice beach is an amazing place and we’re sure Greyson’s fans would rather be watching him run around shirtless on the beach in his bathing suit, but unfortunately he was working hard promoting his new album and Yamaha pianos.

After the photo shoot, Greyson gave a behind the scenes look at what goes into making an official promotional video and photo session.

Greyson also gave an exclusive interview where he talked about his old piano at his house in Edmond, and what it’s like to be on tour and playing every day.

We think he is really starting to get into this whole rock-star thing.

We really liked the part where he talked about having to put quarters between the keys of his old piano!

Now that his vacation is over he is back to work and heading to the North Eastern part of the country for a show in Pennsylvania and then several Hard Rock Cafes.

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Rumor is he is also hard at work on at least one Christmas song that he plans to release sometime in November.

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