Sunday, October 6, 2013

FULL TRANSCRIPT - Greyson Chance Twitter Q&A - October 6, 2013

Singer songwriter Greyson Chance surprised his twitter followers today with an unannounced questions and answer session.

Just a day after announcing his website was being redesigned and offering his fans a new video update, Greyson answered more questions during this session than he has in the past.

It was a very informative, and at times deep Q&A, as Greyson answered questions about his musical influences, his motivation behind his new song “Temptation”, an update on Whiskey, and if he was going to the prom with Sam (MissSuperFan)!!

Below is the full transcript from Greyson’s October 6, 2013 Twitter Q&A:

Q: What's your favorite movie to watch when you aren't feeling well?
A: No pun intended... but "Alien" - Ridley Scott is da man.

Q: Will you go to the prom with me? (@MissSuperfan)
A: You were from the show! I remember you!!! Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to make it :( I'll be there in spirit though! In the corner... talking to myself.

Q: How many songs do you think you have written within the past few months?
A: A lot… I think I've slept 12 hours the past two months.

Q: What’s Whiskey up too?
A: Being crazy like he always is. He's trying to steal my phone and tweet to all his "bitches" dogs these days...

Q: What's your favorite song that you've written that we haven't heard?
A: It's a song called "Meridians" - I did it with Roy Battle. It's this classical + lyrical masterpiece.

Q: Are there duets on the new album!?
A: Not at the moment.

Q: Were you sad about the death of Cory Monteith?
A: I was devastated. I was at a friends when I found out. He will be missed.

Q: Did you change your music genre for your new songs?
A: I wouldn't call it a change… but a transition into funk/indie/pop planet.

Q: What’s a lyric you've written that you're really proud of?
A: "God where have you been, I need a friend tonight"

Q: Your music style has changed a lot compared to the music of the HOTTN times, what made you decide to change?
A: It wasn't a decision, it just happened HOTTN was where I was at that time as an artist but I constantly am evolving.

Q: Whose music would I find being played in your car?
A: Donny Hathaway and Prince.

Q: What happened to the piano that was in WOTL mv?
A: I still have it! Both the red one and the black one.

Q: Are you gonna design a new piano for this era? ooooh
A: Yes. While I love the WOTL pianos... it's time to look forward I wanna surprise everyone (;

Q: Has it ever crossed your mind that your fans might not like, should I say, the "changes" in your new music?
A: Very much so. It worried me for such a long time. But in a way, I needed to evolve for myself more than anything. I felt so trapped by other people's opinions that one day I realized, i needed to voice my own opinion more so at the same time, I wanna make a record that both my fans and I can love and jump to and experience together and I feel like I'm doing that (:

Q: What was your inspiration while writing temptation?
A: It was the irony of how temptation seems to always come when someone is truly happy.

Q: What political party do you classify yourself as? :)
A: I think that one is pretty obvious (;

Q: What book are you currently reading?
A: Islands in the stream // Ernest Hemingway.

Q: Who or what has been your biggest inspiration when writing your new music?
A: Nick Knight + Marlon Rueberg + Prince.

And with that Greyson signed off by saying,
“I'm going to fall asleep and slip into Tylenol enhanced fever dreams loved all your questions!! Have a good day everyone, -g”
It sounds like big things are starting to happen and we look forward to big things from Greyson as 2013 draws to a close!!!

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  1. I still have a strong feeling that he has not completed the split from Interscope, yet, or things would be 'full speed ahead' with no looking back... Agree??


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