Friday, October 25, 2013

FULL TRANSCRIPT - Greyson Chance Twitter Session 10/25/13 - “Where is your Planet X?”

Greyson Chance Alien Lyrics New Album
Greyson Chance "Alien" Lyrics
Well, he did it again!

Greyson Chance took to his twitter today to do another spur of the moment Q&A session and answered a few questions from his fans and asked a very interesting question - Greyson wanted to know where his fans personal "Planet X" was.

Lately, Greyson has been dropping hints and lyrics about his upcoming new album and it seems that Aliens and Pluto may play a prominent role!

Greyson tried to clear up some of the confusion by saying,
“When i say 'Planet X' I mean the one place that you can feel at peace and where you can fully be your true self.
So where is YOUR Planet X? My Planet X is located in the music. When I listen to it and write it I feel as if I'm transported to Planet X and the music is my safe place…”
Greyson also tweeted new song lyrics this week to a song that everybody thinks might be titled “Alien”:
Alien - Cause nobody knows -ow -ow
This love it ain't for show -ow -ow
Don't wanna take it slow -ow –ow
This feeling ain’t human it’s Alien…
Below is a full transcript of the questions and answers from Greyson’s twitter session:

Q: Is your full name really Greyson Michael Burton Schaefer Boyd Chance?
A: Hhahahaha no - but I'll accept King Greyson III though...

Q: So where is your planet x actually?
A: Pluto. I fly there every Sunday

Q: What are you doing right now?
A: I'm actually watching the news with whiskey gotta stay politically correct yo

Q: How many rings do you have?
A: A lot...

But, the real question Greyson wanted to know about from his fans was “Where is your planted X?”

Here are the answers from some of the fans King Greyson III retweeted:

@SkitKitKat17  - When I write letters to you about what happened to me with my back. That paper is my Planet X. And so are you <3

@SierraMundy1 - My Planet X is in my room where no one bugs me.

@doll_JustinB - My planet X is on the tennis court... plug in my music and start playing.... care for nobody

@keonaloxe - With my friends in a gay bar.

@MissSuperfan - Mine is in the theatre. sitting in the technical booth, watching the audience jump to its feet for the story in front of them

@BrandiHoffman - The woods during fall. Love it.

@EmilyLovesUGrey - Mine is in a notebook where I can write down my feelings

@freddyrmr - My planet X is my piano... playing my favorite songs.

@Sohini97 - Alone at home with my ipod…

@Hanni_Believe - Mine is being on stage, whether im singing acting or dancing... I just feel at home.. I feel like I can be myself x

@ItsSimplyCindy - My Planet X is being in my room with lights off and slow music playing and just relaxing or going to a concert screaming

@LilNewEngGirlxo - My Planet X is on the back of a horse. When I'm in the saddle I feel at peace and I know exactly what I'm supposed to

@ShineOnJustin - Twitter. I tweet what I feel like without thinking about being judged

@sriafra - My planet X is located in the book when I read it.

@vickyfava - Alone at home with a book and my ipod

@RikersArms - Playing my bass and getting lost in the music

After Greyson completed his twitter session our DM's blew up with everybody wanting to know where OUR Planet X was...

So, where is Planet X for the Ninja’s at Greyson Chance Universe?

Well, you’re looking at it. Our Planet X is when we are working on, and updating the many resources at GCU (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Tumblr) so that Greyson’s fans are up to date about his activities, travels, photos, and pranks.

This is what we do. This is what we love. This is our Planet X.

In other news:

Greyson did another really cool thing this week when he posted a photo of him sitting on his bed reading a letter from a fan who was going through some tough times...

Greyson Chance in bed reading fan mail
Greyson Chance in bed reading fan mail

Greyson also posted his fan mail address and encouraged his fans to write him a letter!

Greyson Chance Fan Mail
8149 Santa Monica Blvd #162
West Hollywood, CA 90046-5912

We think we'll write him a letter and tell him what a cute Alien we think he is and how excited we are to hear his new album!

See you on Twitter!

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  1. omg... dying over here

  2. I can't wait for his new album, plus I'm stoked that it's been almost four years since "Paparazzi." That just proves that he's a force to be reckoned with. Happy Greyson Day

  3. i cant wait!! his new album would be soooooo amazing!!!!!!!!! cantwaitcantwaitcantwait. <3

  4. I'm freakin excited and I can't contain my feelings right now. I'm crying. I miss our husband's music. He s my Planet X. <3


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