Thursday, January 9, 2014

BIG NEWS - Greyson Chance to Perform at the “Sundance ASCAP Music Cafe” This Month!

Singer songwriter Greyson Chance is stepping out into the New Year to perform his first public show of 2014 at this year’s Sundance ASCAP Music Café on January 22nd and 23rd in Park City Utah.

They say that every great film needs great music... and for 16 years the Sundance Film Festival and ASCAP have celebrated the connection of sound and screen at the Sundance ASCAP Music Café.

Greyson Chance 2014
Greyson Chance
This year the Café will play host to a number of film screenings to hear an eclectic mix of our favorite songwriters and artists, including Greyson Chance, performing throughout the festival.

The Music Café will be located at Rich Haines Gallery (751 Main Street, Park City, UT) and will be open to all Festival credential holders (21 and older).

Performances are scheduled to begin each day at 2:00pm and Greyson is scheduled to perform on January 22nd AND January 23rd at 3:20 p.m.

ASCAP also provided a video with the FIRST studio version of Greyson's new song "Temptation". If this new style is any indication of what we can expect on Greyson's new album then we are excited!!

List to Greyson Chance's new song "Temptation"

Since ASCAP is all about the marketing and accounting for an artists music, and Sundance is all about making and marketing movies, Greyson’s attendance at this year’s event may be an indication that his team is actively seeking, or has already found a placement for one of his compositions in an upcoming film or movie project.

Get ready world… Greyson Chance 2.0 is about to be unleashed!!

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  1. Trying to hear the others of "mature kids voice" like Justin, Cody, Austin, etc. Well, I think it is very save to say that, he is different. In a good way.
    Really cant wait for the rest.

  2. urhgg.. He's amazing. <3 ~Jessica Canada

  3. OH HELL NO. GREYSON IS FANTASTIC <3 He looks royal, and sings royal :))


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