Sunday, December 11, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Interview with Clevver TV at Popstar’s “12 in 12” Party – He’s Returning to Asia!

Greyson Chance is interviewed by Clevver TV

Greyson Chance made the rounds earlier this week at the Popstar “12 in 12” Party in Los Angeles.

The Popstar Online “12 in 12” honor was given to those artists who are on the rise and need to be watched during 2012 as their careers are expected to take off!

Greyson did several interviews while walking the red carpet and the following video is him with our friends at Clevver TV.

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News Flash! Greyson says he is already planning a return trip to Asia!

He also talked about recent trip and his fans in Asia and his 2012 New Year's resolutions that he says includes releasing a lot more music during 2012!

Greyson also made an appearance on the “Ellen” show last Friday to premier his new music video for “Hold On ‘Til The Night”. You can watch his new music video HERE.

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Greyson is also sporting a new haircut and hair style for the Holiday season and the jury is still out on what people think. So far it’s split about 50/50 – about half like it and the other half seems to prefer his old hair.

We say he looks good no matter what he does with his hair!

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  1. Retuning to Asia?????
    Can't wait >w<

  2. Haircut reveals brow furrowing, eg at 47sec. Also diplomacy and dissembling apparent about Asia and a future tour. Growing up means less openness and charm, but more responsibility. So sad!
    NEW SONGS? - Drowning in Love and Mysteria.

  3. Duckbiter – Agreed. It’s as if he has aged five years since returning from Asia. I suspect someone is coaching him on the finer points of public appearances. He also seemed very tired and somewhat impatient in the video. I know Clevver TV was about the sixth press station he had to stop at for a statement. Probably gets draining answering the same questions all the time. It's hard for a kid to remember what to do and what to say (and NOT say) all the time.

  4. Can't wait for his new songs! Gonna love it!!!!


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