Thursday, October 4, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance to Visit KK, Kuching Malaysia, and Radio

Greyson Chance is heading to the in Kuching Malaysia
Greyson Chance is heading to the in Kuching Malaysia

Greyson Chance is already planning his tour and promo strategy for his upcoming EP release and new album…

And one stop we know he will make is in Kuching Malaysia to visit the radio show for the segment “Breakfast Invasion with McDonald's Breakfast.”

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Greyson Chance in Malaysia during last tour 2012
Greyson in Malaysia during last tour
We know the last time Greyson visited with his friends at in Malaysia it resulted in one of the funniest prank phone calls we've seen between Greyson and Arnold in a “Gotcha Call” - and Greyson was at the center of the prank!

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It was also in Malaysia that Greyson talked about seeing all his fans twitter trends during “World Greyson Day” – remember?

Today Greyson released a video telling his fans in Malaysia about his upcoming trip.

And a message for KK...

When Greyson announced the October release of his upcoming 5 song EP he also mentioned that he would be traveling through Malaysia for about a week during his promo tour.

We also just learned that Singapore and the Philippines have been added to the list of promo stops for early November.

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We loved the studio version of Sunshine & City Lights and we suspect we’re REALLY going to love the upcoming EP!

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