Thursday, July 5, 2012

VIDEO: Greyson Chance “Photo Party” and “Karaoke Party" in Hong Kong – He DANCES for Fans!

Greyson arrives at Photo Party in Hong Kong - July 2012
Greyson arrives at Photo Party in Hong Kong - July 2012

So, if you ever wanted to know what tons of ear-piercing sounding girls screaming at you must feel like, and what Greyson Chance has to deal with at every personal appearance – just watch the video below.

Greyson arrived in Hong Kong yesterday to host a “Photo Party” at the CD Warehouse, 12/F, Langham Place for his fans in Hong Kong on July 5th 2012 - and his fans were over the top with excitement.

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At one point the entire crowd of fans launched into a group sing of “Waiting Outside The Lines” - and they sang every word and every note.

Greyson Chance at his Photo Party in Hong Kong
Greyson Chance at his Photo Party in Hong Kong
Greyson Chance getting kissed by a fan 2012
Greyson Chance getting kissed by a fan

Each fan that held a special “Photo Pass” got the chance to meet Greyson and have their picture taken with him.

Greyson also hosted a Karaoke Party on Thursday night July 5th at the Red MR Wanchai Branch on Tonnochy Road.

Greyson meets reporters before his Karaoke party

During the party Greyson taught his fans the now famous dance moves from his “Pumped Up Kicks” concert performances, answered questions about what he likes in a girl, and talked about working with Ariana Grande.

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He also tried to speak Cantonese and Mandarin – but we’re still not sure from watching the video how well he did.

Greyson then picked three fans from the audience and led the group in a Karaoke version of “Unfriend You”.

Our one observation is that Greyson looked TIRED and exhausted. We suspect he is ready to head back home for a good gribernation session.

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You can see all the best photos we’ve found so far of Greyson’s return visit to China and Hong Kong on our Greyson Chance Universe Facebook page - just check out the various photo albums.

We can’t wait to hear his new album and the duet with Ariana Grande!

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  1. I love Greyson's music. He is an inspiration to me. I would love to meet him someday. I will be "Waiting Outside The Lines" for Greyson!

  2. I adore Greyson's music and voice. He is such an inspiration. He inspire sing even though my brother keep saying that my voice is bad and I can't sing. I still sing and believing that I can reach what Greyson reach. I love to meet Greyson, Please come to London, "I'll be waiting outside the lines" as well. Yes I'm a male.

  3. i love greyson chance.His music inspires me to be myself and i absolutely love his "hold on til the night" it made me cry but now i know...

  4. i envy with the model girl in his music video @sunshine & city light. they look so not suitable


  6. no offence but he sucked at speaking cantonese lol


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