Wednesday, August 14, 2013

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Releases Song Snippet of His New Song “Insomnia”

More evidence surfaced today that singer/songwriter Greyson Chance has been busy behind the scenes working on new music.

Enchancers are happy right now because Greyson just released a video snippet of one of his new upcoming songs we think is called “Insomnia”.

Greyson hinted at this new song while working in the recording studio in Nashville last month when he sent out this mysterious tweet:

Now, anybody who follows Greyson on Twitter knows that he likes to sneak lyrics to his songs to his followers so we have all been waiting for a first listen to a song about “Insomnia”.

And today we got it! 

Greyson just released a short video via his Telly account titled “Insomniac living inside a piano…” with the follow song snippet.

Listen To Greyson Chance’s “Insomnia” Snippet

We think it sounds great and have been expecting a little bit of a different sound from Greyson after he told his fans to be looking for more driving beats and lots of bass with his new music.

Greyson also sent out a new Instagram photo showing off his new haircut!

Greyson Chance showing off his new shorter haircut!! Photo
Greyson Chance showing off his new shorter haircut!!

Keep cranking it out Greyson!!! We love what we are hearing and seeing!

All in all... a good day for Enchancers.

See you on Twitter!

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  1. Oh great... now I can't sleep either! Sounds great Greyson!

  2. Man! Can't wait! :))

  3. I have this weird feeling !!
    Can't really really wait to hear your song Greyson !! ^^
    we all does..

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