Thursday, June 21, 2012

UPDATE: New Details on Greyson Chance’s July 2012 Visit to Hong Kong

Greyson Chance in Hong Kong - April 2012
Greyson Chance in Hong Kong - April 2012

New details are emerging regarding Greyson’s trip to Hong Kong next month and here is what we know:

Greyson Chance will be visiting Hong Kong for the second time on July 4th 2012, and will hold a “Photo Party” on July 5th from 4:00pm - 5:00pm at the CD Warehouse, 12/F, Langham Place.

If you purchase a copy of his Special Asian Edition of Hold on ‘Til The Night you will find a special pass inside the CD case.

The photo pass looks like this:
Greyson's Photo Party Pass

Holders of the original copy of the Photo Pass will be granted entry to the event and to a photo opportunity with Greyson in person.

Replay: Greyson's April 2012 trip to Hong Kong - Videos

There will also be a contest where one winner will win a date with Greyson that will include personal time and a dinner.

Greyson will also host a Karaoke Party on Thursday night July 5th at Red MR Wanchai Branch on Tonnochy Road. The party will take place on the 5th floor and VIP reservations are needed. Recipients will get to sing with Greyson and receive his autograph. For more information you can checkout their website at

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  1. what about the contest to win a date?where is it?


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