Saturday, June 16, 2012

VIDEO - Ariana Grande Tries To Prank Call Greyson Chance - Epic Fail

Ariana Grande and Liz try to prank call Greyson Chance
Ariana Grande and Liz try to prank call Greyson Chance

Teen singer Ariana Grande and her friend Liz Gillies tried to prank call Greyson Chance yesterday during a live chat with her fans….. but it didn’t go so well.

After calling Greyson, Liz used a deep male voice and acted like she was looking for his wife.

But Greyson was on to them and the whole prank went down in flames!

Greyson’s prank call starts at 55:00 into the video

Watch Greyson Chance get pranked by Ariana Grande

Greyson later took to twitter to tell Ariana and Liz that it was not possible to prank him saying,
“@ArianaGrande Don’t try to prank call me! You will never get me (: I miss you! You are a terrible prank caller…”
Maybe Ariana should take some lessons from Greyson since he has done a successful prank and it was all caught on camera for a TV show!

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We think Greyson would make a GREAT host on the “Punk’d” television show. He might not be as good as Ashton Kutcher but we bet he’d be pretty funny.

Watch out Greyson! Don’t let them get you!

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  1. Greyson... you are so smart

  2. Well he didn't know it was Ariana until after she texted him. He thought it was just a random caller since he texted Ariana back saying he gets random calls all the time (:

  3. Awwww...poor Greyson! Love you grey grey!!! ;) <3

  4. I think Greyson chance and Ariana grande are in love !��

  5. Greyson,Why Ariana prank you while calling .that is so rude .well bye ��


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