Tuesday, August 21, 2012

VIDEO: Greyson Chance Wins “Most Popular New International Artist of the Year Award”

Greyson Chance performs Sunshine & City Lights in Beijing China at MTV Awards
Greyson Chance performs "Sunshine & City Lights" in Beijing

Greyson Chance won the CCTV/MTV Mandarin Music Festival’s “Most Popular New International Artist of the Year Award" Tuesday night in Beijing China during a nationally televised broadcast to almost one billion people!

Soon after the broadcast Greyson took to his official Weibo account to tell his fans,
“Oh my goodness! I won an MTV Mandarin award! Thank you so much MTV and CCTV. Truly an honor to be here.”
This was Greyson’s first trip to Beijing and his first award from the popular MTV Music Festival.

Greyson Chance accepting his CCTV MTV award in Beijing China
Greyson accepting his CCTV MTV award

Greyson was joined on his trip by musician and producer Michael Warren who accompanied Greyson through his new song “Sunshine & City Lights” before Greyson took to the piano in solo mode to belt out a completely new version of his hit single "Waiting Outside The Lines".

Greyson performing at the CCTV MTV Music Festival Awards in Beijing China
Greyson performing at the CCTV MTV Music Festival Awards

Watch Greyson perform WOTL and SCL in Beijing

Greyson walked the red carpet like a pro and frequently stopped to sign autographs for his fans and answer questions from the press. And of course he got front row seating with his father Scott, Michael Warren and his manager Staci.

Greyson Chance with his dad Scott, Michael Warren, and Staci at MTV Awards in Beijing China
Greyson with his dad Scott, Michael, and Staci
Greyson Chacne on the red carpet in Beijing China at the MTV Awards
Greyson on the red carpet in Beijing

Greyson Chance wearing his "Rock Star" boots at MTV Awards in Beijing China
Greyson wearing his "Rock Star" boots

After his 15 hour flight over the weekend and a quick 12 hours of sleep to ward off the jet lag, Greyson endured a grueling day of press and promotional work before arriving at the Wukesong Indoor Stadium in Beijing China for the nationally televised event.

You can see all our pictures of Greyson while in Beijing at the link below…

PHOTOS: Greyson does press and promo work in Beijing China

Greyson Chance press interview with MTV China
Greyson with MTV
It is believed that Greyson will do more promotion and press interviews on Wednesday and then meet a few contest winners for a private meet and greet before heading back to Los Angeles later in the week.

His next scheduled appearance is at “The Fair” at PNE on August 29th 2012 in Vancouver British Columbia where it is anticipated that he will again perform "Sunshine & City Lights" making it his third public performance of the new song...

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He is also expected to complete work on his upcoming album and music video soon and release the dates of a possible North American tour later in the year.

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  1. Dang... That kid sure gets around

  2. I wish there was a way you could copy that great video to youtube and save for all, before the 'great wall of China' decides to block it from the world...
    Thanks for your great blogs and pics, videos of Greyson from around the world... Super job, as always...

  3. someone reposted it on YouTube already : http://youtu.be/Toc0M5v6zyI

  4. *clap* *clap* *clap* - great job greyson and michael. Great command of the stage and dealing with mic problems as well. a real pro.

  5. WHy Is It That The Mic. And GreGrey Have Never Resolved Their Problem. I Just Wanna Tell That Mic. To Corporate And Just Do it's Job!!! Love Y'All!! ♥
    ~Dalliana (Aka: @7Enchancer7 On Twitter) ♥


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