Monday, August 13, 2012

VIDEO: Greyson Chance Talks About writing “SCL” – New HD Performance Footage

Greyson Chance ready to sing Sunshine & City Lights HD Video
Greyson Chance ready to sing Sunshine & City Lights

Well, now we are starting to learn a little more about how Greyson Chance came to write the song “Sunshine & City Lights”.

Before his debut live performance of Sunshine & City Lights in Eugene Oregon last weekend he told the crowd a story about flying to London and getting stood up by the producer he was supposed to meet.

But he found new writers and they created Sunshine & City Lights!!!!

Sometimes things happen for a reason and this missed meeting may have been the best thing to ever happen to Greyson!

HD Video of Greyson Chance Singing Sunshine & City Lights

SCL is the first song Greyson has shared off his upcoming new album and we can’t wait to hear the rest!

We also hear that a new music video is in the works but we don’t know for what song or when it will be released.

Soon… very very soon.

Yea, we know.

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  1. OMG Greyson's voice is getting so deep.....

  2. On his previous visit to my country, Greyson wrote and recorded RUNNING AWAY and SLIPPING AWAY. Two of his best ever compositions.

    This song, SUNSHINE AND CITY LIGHTS, is almost laughably inferior. And in spite of the knee-jerk hype of the idiotic fangirls, it will ultimately be seen as Greyson's skeleton in the closet. And hopefully deleted from his repertoire.

    I trust that YOU, GUS, can see this Emperor's lack of clothes.

  3. omg go away duckbita youre everywhere

  4. Don't worry about duckbita. He's a troll. That's just what trolls do. He tries to stir up hate. Just ignore him.

  5. His voice is amazing, perfect, cool, awesome, unbelievable... :D

  6. 315 catlopez
    has the best sound quality for this mediocre song


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