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PHOTOS - Greyson Chance Visits Bali for Two Week Vacation and Song Writing Intensive

Greyson Chance Bali 2013 Bike Short Pants Photo
Greyson in Bali
So what does a 15-year-old singer songwriter do for summer break after just finishing his freshman year in High School?

He takes a two week trip to Bali Indonesia for a little sun and intensive song writing excercise!

Before heading out to the tropics last week, Greyson posted a tweet that clearly showed his excitement for finishing 9th grade with the following photo:

Greyson Tweeted,
"Hey! I just passed ninth grade... Still three more to go. Yikes."
Greyson Chance School 2013 Passed Photo
Greyson Chance passed grade 9 in school

By Sunday evening Greyson was packed and ready to roll when he tweeted that a 13 hour international flight was in store for him causing fans to start speculating where the singer songwriter was going.

The answer came with a simple tweet:

Now if there is one thing we have learned about Greyson Chance it’s that everything he does is well planned and usually part of a bigger master strategy…

So we started snooping around a little bit, because that’s what Ninjas do, and uncovered some interesting information.

It seems that Greyson has signed with a NEW management company - Bill Siva Management, and Greyson is now listed as one of their clients!

Greyson Chance New Management Label Bill Silva 2013
Greyson's now appears on Bill Silva Management Client List

Then we uncovered that Bill presents an annual song writing intensive for his clients every year in Bali Indonesia, usually during May or June, called the “Bali Song Writing Summit” with sponsorships from various record labels.

So, we suspect that Greyson may very well be on “vacation” in Bali but surmise that he is also taking part in Bill Silva’s annual Bali song writing summit program. But we can't confirm that for sure and Greyson has not mentioned it so it is only clever speculation.

We think EVERY Enchancer should start following Bill on Twitter at @billsilvamgmt to show our support for Greyson. We should all tweet him and thank him for working with Greyson and tell him how much we love his music and look forward to the results of their partnership.  

And Greyson has already posted a few photos from Bali that indicate he is having a good time and making new friends!

Greyson Chance Bali Ubud 2013 Lizard Trend Friends
Greyson's Lizard friend in Bali - May 2013

We found it funny that the first friend Greyson made was with a lizard so we decided to have a little fun with that…

In Bali, that lizard is called a “Cicak”, so we ran a little Twitter trend to replace some of Greyson’s song lyrics with “Cicak” and within minutes it was the number one trending topic on Twitter in Indonesia - and at one point Greyson had BOTH the #1 and #2 spots on the top trend list.

Greyson Chance Bali 2013 Twitter Trend Photos

Greyson also posted to his Instagram a somewhat blurred photo of himself and some of his new friends he has already met:

Greyson Chance Bali 2013 Friends Photo
Greyson Chance with friends in Bali - May 2013
Greyson Chance Bali 2013 Photo Friends Shirt
Greyson Chance with some new friends while in Bali - 2013

Yesterday Greyson posted a picture of himself riding a bike around the island and to his fans surprise he was wearing short pants!!

That’s right - Greyson Chance wearing short pants…

Greyson Chance Bali 2013 Short Pants Bike Photo
Greyson Chance Biking in Bali in Short Pants - OMG!
Greyson Chance Bali 2013 Fans Short Pants Legs
Greyson Chance signing autographs in Bali - May 2013
Greyson Chance with Female Friend in Bali - 2013
Greyson Chance with a friend *cough* in Bali - May 2013
Greyson Chance with Jeremy Thurber and Chris Destefano Bali 2013
Greyson Chance with Jeremy Thurber and Chris Destefano
Greyson Chance wearing Short Pants in Bali 201
Greyson Chance wearing shorts in Bali - 2013
Greyson Chance and Jeremy Thurber on a Motor scooter in Bali! - May 2013
Greyson Chance and Jeremy on a scooter in Bali! - May 2013
Greyson Chance wearing a fedora hat in Bali - May 2013
Greyson Chance wearing a fedora hat in Bali - May 2013
Greyson Chane Bali Fans Helmet 2013 Eyes Smile
Greyson with fans on Bali - May 2013
Greyson Chance Shirtless Pic Bali 2013 Shorts
Greyson Chance shirtless in Bali - May 2013
Greyson Chance in Bali with rapper Matt Colwell 2013
Greyson Chance with rapper Matt Colwell
Greyson Chance shirtless Pool Bathing Suit Bali 2013 Photo
Greyson Chance shirtless in a pool in Bali!
Greyson Chance in the Studio in Bali making music 2013
Greyson Chance in the studio in Bali making music!
Greyson Chance with Louis Schoor in Bali Smile 2013
Greyson Chance with Louis Schoor in Bali

Greyson also tweeted that he had visited the Bali Jazz Café in Ubud and that is was “Off the chain”.

The Bali Jazz Café has become somewhat of a landmark of the Bali music scene and was started by Agung Wiryawan and his wife Nina. Agungs loved to play jazz music and his wife loved design so they created a place where musicians could get together and jam in a stylish and intimate setting.

Greyson Chance Bali 2013 Jazz Cafe Ubud Photo
Greyson visited the Bali Jazz Cafe in Ubud - "Off The Chain"

We can see why Greyson would like the Jazz Café because it is a very intimate stage setting and Greyson always talks about preferring the small intimate settings over big arena type shows.

We’ve also learned that it rains a lot in Bali in the summer!

It seems Greyson is keeping most of his trip on the down low and not giving away too many details about what he is doing… but you know us…. we’ll keep digging.

We have created an album on the Greyson Chance Universe Facebook page with all of the pictures that Greyson is tweeting and posting to his Instagram along with other photos taken by fans who have spotted him in Bali.

Keep watching our blog for more updates on Greyson’s trip to Bali as it unfolds.

See you on Twitter!

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  1. yea... I saw the trend but didn't know what Cicak was until now. You guys are amazing.

  2. I hope the new song of tbt part 2 will be an amazing!

  3. cant wait for tbt part2

  4. The photo you see above with Greyson and new friend rapper Matt Colwell, aka 3ree6ixty (360), Colwell put this caption on his Instagram pic... I thought everyone should read what he said, so here it is...
    3ree6ixty Me and my new homeboy @greysonchance on Bali! Kid is 15 and so smart and most of all humble after having some crazyyyy success !!! Look him up he sings like a grown man!!!

    Good caption and comment, huh....

  5. I'm going to like TBT part 2 for sure.

  6. nice to see you in bali in first time

  7. woh! he is so amazing.i'm so happy to see your picture in bali.

  8. It is so amazing...I love music so much...Hope you come again to the Bali.


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