Thursday, June 27, 2013

VIDEO REPLAY- Greyson Chance Takes to Telly to Answer Fan Questions!

Greyson Chance Telly Questions New Album Videos
Greyson Chance on Telly today
There is no doubt that singer songwriter Greyson Chance has gotten the message that Social Media is his friend…

Over the last couple of months, Greyson has tweeted more, posted more cool videos, and interacted with his fans more than he has in a long long time!

Today Greyson took to the new video sharing service Telly to answer fan questions and talk about his new music and upcoming new album.

Greyson talked about what he does with his free time, what his new music will sound like, and a few other interesting topics.

One of our favorite comments about his upcoming new album was:
"It’s definitely alternative sounding. The drums are really big and the songwriting is a little more personal… The new music gets really gritty at some points… I’m not really holding back on anything…”  
One thing has become very clear… Greyson Chance is growing up on us, and new music seems closer than ever!

In other news:

Greyson’s management, Bill Silva Management, also released a new fan mail address today just in time for Greyson's fans to start preparing his birthday cards!

You can now send Greyson fan mail at the following new address:

Greyson Chance Fan Mail
8149 Santa Monica Blvd #162
West Hollywood, CA. 90046-5912

Greyson’s 16th birthday is August 16th and we should all plan to send him a card to show our support!

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  1. omg he looks SO much older and his voice is so deep now. His cheeks look puffy... I just can't...

  2. .. I cant wait to listen of his songs ..

  3. So excited for Truth be Told Part 2! Wow he's grown so much :)

    1. I really doubt that we will ever hear Truth Be Told pt2 in America or anywhere. All the songs from TBT were recorded in early 2012 and were sung in his OLD boy's voice. He's said that the music coming soon is all NEW music written for his new LOWER voice range, and in a different style. His music is progressing as he grows older.... Also, since TBT was recorded through Interscope, Greyson cannot release it through another label in the future. Maybe someday he will re-write these songs to fit his new voice and release them under different names to bypass Interscopes copywrite rights...
      All his music in the future will be NEW music he has just written..


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