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FULL TRANSCRIPT - Greyson Chance Twitter Q&A 11/11/14 - #PlanetX

Greyson Chance in his home studio in Edmond Oklahoma - 2014
Greyson Chance in his home studio in Edmond Oklahoma - 2014

It looks like singer Greyson Chance is getting closer and closer to finally releasing his new album Planet X!!

Greyson is currently in Nashville rehearsing for his upcoming promotional appearances but took some time during a break to engage his Twitter followers by saying,

“Let's talk! Hit me up with questions about Planet X, last week's midterms, that weird cough that hasn't gone away, etc...”

Within 15 minutes, #PlanetX was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter showing that Enchancers are excited about Greyson’s new musical journey!

Below is the full transcript of yesterday’s questions and answer session and a short video describing Greyson's inspiration for writing Planet X.

Q: Which song means the most to you?
A: What a great first question. It changes often... right now it would be a track called Benjamin Franklin.  It's the only piano vocal on the album. I couldn't listen to it after we wrote it; made me too sad! Now I play that shit 247.

Q: Do you enjoy making your music in your home studio?
A: I love making music everywhere!  The best thing about Planet X is that it was made so unconventionally.  We wrote songs in hotel rooms, sculpted melodies in restaurants, and wrote a lot of it in Oklahoma! Which naturally I love…

Q: Do you have any special rituals/routines that you do before recording???
A: No actually! However, when I was recording in Oklahoma City, I would take a long drive in Moses before sessions and blare Daft Punk…

Q: You recently started spending a lot of time in the woods.  What is the reason?
A: I love spending time in forests and naturalistic areas. I do a lot of reading and writing out there. It's my safe place!

Q: Thrilla in Manila was an epic fight, in which way is this related to the song?
A: Thrilla is about turmoil within friend groups when friends start becoming more than friends... the fight was purely a metaphor for those times when shit hits the fan. And of course, I think we have all been there!

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Q: Are all your songs on Planet X inspired by real life events?
A: Some scenarios or songs I would say yes. However most of the songs were written in my fantasy of what I wished was real; speaking as a person who I wanted to be, etc…

Q: What was the weirdest inspiration you had during Planet X creation process?
A: I was keeping a lot of dream journals during the writing, or just weird notations of what I was dreaming; I know… I’m strange basically. I have some weird ass dreams. (; So that would probably be my most strange inspiration.

Q: You going to do a tour of this CD?
A: I'm not rehearsing this show for no reason (;

Q: Are the tracks in any specific order?
A: There is an interesting sub-plot within the record that I'm curious if anyone will pick up on the tracks were arranged sonically, but also to fit that sub-plot! There is a story within a story!!!

Q: As a songwriter, how do you deal with writer's block?
A: It's the worst thing! I try to spend a lot of time not revolving around music. Sometimes the brain can get very overloaded, I spend a lot of time with friends and a lot of time sleeping…

Q: There is a significant change in your writing style from when you started out to now, any thoughts on old songs?
A: As a writer, you evolve. That's what happened with me! I still love HOTTN and my earlier works, but I'm looking for the future…

Q: Whatcha gonna do when i fight for u
A: I'm going to say DAYYYUUUMMM and put that shit on WoRldStAr

Q: What's a song from Planet X that the fans will relate to the most?
A: I think everyone will relate best to “Moonlight”. The lyric is, "When you're ever feeling low, just look up for the moonlight," I'm pretty sure we can all relate to that!

Q: Who are some of the producers you worked with on Planet X?
A: I worked primarily with my friend Gordon! Once i met him and got into the studio w him, I knew he was my guy, however, Ron Aniello does make a production appearance on the album. Has anyone ever heard of Bruce Springsteen? (:

Q: What's your 'usual' reaction on people, criticizing your new music?
A: I accept the fact that some people are going to enjoy my earlier stuff more than this record; it's something I can't beat, however, I respect those people and hope that they can find some source of joy from the record. This was just the direction that I saw for myself at this time; and some people just aren't going to like that (;

Q: What is your favorite book at the moment?
A: Right now, I am finding myself rereading the Prophet by Gibran. It helps one become a better person!!

Q: Favorite poem at the moment?
A: August Kleinzahler's "Sleeping It Off in Rapid City"

Q: Which Amy Winehouse song would you say inspired you the most for Planet X?
A: I featured "Take the Box" on the playlist... it is one of my favorite tracks from her; she was too damn good

Q: What do you love most about Chicago???
A: The pizza and the trains…

Q: I'm really diggin the view into your world. I love the connection you have with us. What's your opinion on Bowie?
A: He's the champ. I have a live print of his on vinyl and I listen to it all the time... he was so good on stage.

Q: Last drink you drank?
A: Bourbon, neat…

Greyson wrapped up his Q&A by plugging his Spotify playlist and leaving us with a YouTube video describing his inspiration for his Planet X album.

Watch “Inspiration for Planet X by Greyson Chance”

So, it looks like the countdown is underway for the official release of Planet X and we have to say it looks and sounds like the long wait will be worth it!!

See you on Twitter!

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  1. It's the only piano vocal on the album. I couldn't listen to it after we wrote it; made me too sad! Now I play that shit 247.


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