Monday, November 28, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Interview with John Martin on “The Hitz Trans TV” – Funny Stuff!

Greyson Chance and John Martin on The Hitz Trans TV Show

Greyson Chance may be back in Los Angeles now, but before leaving Jakarta last week he appeared with John Martin on "The Hitz Trans TV" show for probably one of the funniest television interviews we have ever seen.

Now, if you don’t know John Martin, or have never seen the show, you are in for a surprise. I’m not sure we even have a show in the United States that compares to this kind of comedy interview style.

Greyson In Jakarta on The Hitz
Greyson and John traded barbs about each other’s style and dress, and Greyson slammed John about his shoes, tie, socks, and hair.

Of course there were the inevitable comparisons to Justin Bieber – but in a funny way.

Greyson blushed during the questioning about having a girlfriend, and you could tell Greyson was nervous because he didn’t know what was being said a lot of the time.

The interview moved so fast we had to watch it more than once to fully understand what exactly was going on. In the end, it looked like Greyson had a blast and enjoyed himself on the show. The kid is a natural!

It’s kind of neat seeing Greyson doing comedy in front of a live audience. The show was a hit in Jakarta and even became a trending topic when Greyson wished John a good evening by saying “Selamat Mama” instead of “Selamat Malam”.

Greyson then performed “Unfriend You” and had another short interview and met a crying fan on stage – it was the cutest thing we have ever seen.

Greyson begged her not to cry because it would make him cry and then everybody would start crying.

We need a show like this in the United States. Indonesia goes hard!

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  1. i hope greyson knew the meaning.... ^^

  2. HAHAHA I love that Interview! Greyson Chance is sooo funny lol!!

  3. john martin it's so... oh greyson you know the means?... in the hits you so funny make me laughing any time!!!

  4. I'm waiting for Greyson come again to Indonesia .. :* LOVE YOU GREYYYYY~ muach

  5. hey this is the english subbed, I do not own anything, I search it in youtube haha..


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