Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Greyson Chance Pictures with His Mom and Sister Alexa During His Asian Tour

Greyson is the youngest in a family of five

Greyson Chance usually tends to keep his personal life private. But after returning to the United States after his promotional tour through Asia he posted a few pictures with his mom and sister Alexa.

Sister Alexa joined Greyson and his mother about halfway through his tour and he snapped a few photos showing the family goofing around between shows.

Alexa and Greyson Chance In Asia
Greyson and his sister Alexa goofing off after dinner
Greyson Chance and his Mom Lisa

Greyson is the youngest child of three and his dads name is Scott and his moms name is Lisa Chance. He has a 16-year-old sister named Alexa and a 19-year-old brother named Tanner.

Here are a few family photos of Greyson Chance and his family and pets.

Sister Alexa, Brother Tanner, and Greyson Chance
Family Affair - Alexa, Tanner, Lisa, Greyson, Scott and Ellen
Brother Tanner and Greyson writing music
Greyson and his dog "Macy" who died in 2011
Greyson's pet cat "Oreo" setting up the Christmas Tree

We can see where he gets his good looks!

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  1. Hi Greyson, My name is Jarvaun Butler and i'm your biggest fan.I got two dogs named buddy and raider. what is your favorite band


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