Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NEW VIDEO: Greyson Chance Interview with Buzznet – Who is Monk the Monkey?

Greyson sits down with Buzznet and talks about Monk?

Greyson Chance sat down with Mandy Jiroux from Buzznet a few days ago to talk about what has been going on in his life recently.

Greyson talks about his favorite drink from Starbucks and the favorite gifts that he has received from his fans. In fact, Greyson says he has a wall in his bedroom dedicated to all the fan art he receives!

He also talks about who inspires him musically and his favorite food he likes while on tour – and boy did we get some great quotes from this interview!

Monk? Really? I suspect it won’t be long before Monk has his own twitter account like Greyson’s cat Oreo!

Follow @GreysonChanceU on twitter – Monk says so!

1 comment:

  1. Plzz specify the "great quotes". IMO Greyson was just doing what was required by this unimaginative interviewer.
    In contrast his Asian interviews were something else!


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