Sunday, January 1, 2012

VIDEO: A Young Greyson Chance Sings His Original Song “Within The Lights” Before He Was Famous

Greyson Chance singing the original "Within the Lights"

We love finding old videos of Greyson Chance performing before he was famous – and this latest early video definitely shows that he has a dark side.

The first video find was a cute video of Greyson singing “100 Years” at his middle school in Cheyenne Oklahoma when he was just 12-years-old.

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But we just ran across another early video of Greyson performing one of his early original songs for the first time ever in public.

It shows Greyson at the YouTube World Headquarters shortly after he was discovered performing his original song “Within the Lights” - about an orphaned child who is abandoned by his mother in New York City – it’s pretty deep and dark.

This was Greyson’s FIRST live performance of “Within the lights” ever - telling the audience, “This is the first time anybody has ever heard this except for my parents…”

Pretty deep, dark, and sad…

“What did I ever do to hurt you and make you feel this way?”

I can definitely see why this track never made it onto his first album.

But it’s still fun to watch him before he was famous and wonder what must have been going through his little mind.

Very cool.

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