Saturday, October 1, 2011

Greyson Chance Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Civil Rights with D.C. Show Tonight

Sound Check in Washington D.C.
Greyson Chance is rubbing shoulders with some big shots tonight!

And we mean BIG SHOTS.

Greyson is in Washington D.C. today and will be performing at the 15th Annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner tonight that is hosted by none other than President Barack Obama!

Not only will Obama give the keynote address and be presiding over the dinner and events, but New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will receive the National Ally for Equality Award for his efforts in New York City towards equality of gay and lesbian civil rights and his sponsorship to allow same sex marriage in his state.

Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay Congresswomen from Wisconsin’s Second Congressional District will also speak and musical artists Cyndi Lauper and Greyson Chance will both perform.

Greyson took to twitter Saturday afternoon after his sound check to post a picture and say,
“Just sound checked for the Human Rights Campaign dinner. We will be making a stand! #purplesky”

Greyson Chance In Washington D.C. HRC Dinner Stage

British pop singer and songwriter Mika will give an after-party concert following the dinner.

Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese said,
“This has been a remarkable year in the fight for LGBT equality. We’re thrilled to be joined by national leaders and inspiring artists as we celebrate our victories and redouble our efforts for the fights that remain ahead.”
The event is sold out and is expected to attract over 3,000 people.

Watch Greyson Chance perform Purple Sky at HRC

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. It strives to end discrimination against LGBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.

This will be Greyson Chance’s first appearance at a gay and lesbian function and he will be appearing alongside musician Cindy Lauper who is openly gay.

There will also be tight security –
“Greyson will be subject to all aspects of the Secret Security policies and procedures. Greyson, his crew, and support staff will undergo the same security protocol that anyone does who will be present in the same room as the President of the United States.”

Be careful Greyson – you better not “Unfriend” the President!

Greyson Chance supporting gay rights at HRC Dinner Video
Greyson Chance at HRC Dinner
Some critics feel it is inappropriate for such a young performer like Greyson to appear at a LGBT event while others feel he can act as a mouthpiece for change - much the same way Justin Bieber supports anti-bullying and texting and driving campaigns.

We will post video of Greyson performing at the dinner as soon as it is released.

What do YOU think?

Do you think it is okay for Greyson to attend such an event? We are interested in your thoughts.

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  1. ADMIN - This will be Greyson Chance’s first appearance at a gay and lesbian function and will be appearing alongside musician Cindy Lauper who is also gay.

    Although not intended I'm sure, this MIGHT be construed as implying that GREYSON is gay.
    Of course it's fine if he is, but he hasn't said anything to suggest it yet. On the contrary he seems to prefer girls at the moment. And there are #zillions of these who love him to bits.
    There would be an epidemic of teen girl suicides if he said he was gay. So even if he was he couldn't say so!

    1. "prefer girls at the moment"? where do idiots like you come from? Oh yea....hell, you come from hell

  2. I don't think Greyson should do it. It's not right to support Gay rights.

    1. Your an idiot

    2. Just like it wasn't right for those feminists to support women's rights, or those civil rights activists to support racial rights. Can you believe those people!? *Sarcasm*

    3. You just jump off a time machine from the 50's or somethin?

    4. Welll ur oppion, what u think is rite and wat others do is completly doiffrent. But i wouldnt post tht stuff in public but its ur opion fine byt js its gonna cause trouble not trying to sounnd rude or anything, i support it, my best friend is. But u should say ur opion but dont sayitlike tht and for u the person who called him a idiot and all the other comments dont start anything with this person for not agreeing if they dont they dont and thts ok really maybe they christian or something im christian also but still u should call them an idiot. Just keep ur post ur own again sorry to insult or offened u if i did! Didnt mean to again i support tht and everything else my two best friends r homosexual and a transvisit. :/ again srry if i offened anyone just though i would voice

    5. Oh okay... so wanting someone to love who they want to without getting hurt or forbidden is wrong. That makes sense

    6. honestly ppl dont care and u can just go die bc im straight and i support gay rights no one can change my mind abt it and if u have a problem with it than suck it up

  3. I think it's great that Greyson did that. It is amazing to see such a young artist openly do that.

  4. It's great that a kid participate in shaping the world for his generation. Social change is measured in generations, not by one leader or celeb taking a stance. Greyson is helping a segment of society to get comfortable, and stop the suicide, bullying and torment too many gay kids have experienced. Greysons own sexuality doesn't matter one bit in this message.

    1. I agree with him supporting whatever he wants to. This article along with some posters would have you believe a "young person" couldn't have the ability to form an opinion about any real issue, let alone a straight guy supporting LGBT equality. I think it's great that he chose to support rather than to hate others. At least the kid is doing something positive with his life rather than quoting some book and hating others because of it. It's sad that pride in what you believe or who you are seems to draw hatred from others.

  5. eres tonto ou comes merda

  6. im hopping he is gay we need all the help we can get but it don't matter at all love him any ways

  7. Im gay and greyson seems stright to me. He likely has more empathy for the lgbt community because his gentle nature leaves people thinking he's gay, so he ends up catching a lot of crap. If it turns out he's gay, I'll do him, though. I'll go slow.

  8. Im suck is all we can get, we need not make any difference but it is sex love it any way.


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