Monday, December 19, 2011

FULL VIDEO - Greyson Chance Performing at Citywalks “Rock the Red Kettle” for the Salvation Army

The Stage at Universal Citywalk ready for the "Red Kettle" Show

Last weekend was giveback time in Los Angeles, and Cambio and Universal Citywalk hosted a concert series called “Rock the Red Kettle” to help raise money for the Salvation Army.

Full video of the show added at bottom of the page

All the performers were there supporting The Salvation Army’s “120th Red Kettle Campaign” with a night of music and fun while encouraging the crowd to get involved in their own communities and home towns to give back to those in need throughout the year.

The event was hosted by Mario Lopez from the "Extra" tabloid TV show and streamed live around the world on the Cambio web site - but as usual the live stream crashed halfway through the show sending tons of fans to our blog to watch the embedded live video feed!

The show opened with the band Hanson who was followed by Drake Bell, Colbie Caillat, Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance and Honor Society.

Here are a few photos of Greyson with his friends throughout the night.

(Click any image for full size HD slide show)

Greyson with host Rebecca Black before the show
Greyson playing "Elf"
Greyson on his way to Jurassic Park at Universal Studios
Greyson with Rebecca, Hanson and Honor Society
Greyson and the Salvation Army "Major" before the show

The entire show seemed to be plagued with technical problems and a constant drizzle of rain probably didn’t help, and the hosts had to continually stall between acts while the stage was cleaned up and equipment was moved.

Based on the reaction of the crowd when each act was announced it was clear that most were there to see Greyson and Cody, but we thought everybody did a great job!

The video below is Greyson's performance and we think he rocked it!

Part 1

Part 2

We were really hoping Greyson would sing his rendition of “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” but his set was still awesome and he looked great in his leather pants - what a rock star!

Greyson Chance Rocking His Leather Pants!

Below is the entire video stream from the show on Saturday.

Hanson starts at 09:25, Drake Bell starts at 34:00, Colbie Caillat starts at 52:00, Cody Simpson starts at 01:19:00 and Greyson Chance starts at 01:48:00 - Just click the play arrow to start the feed!

Click the PLAY Arrow to START the full video

I don't know, but it seems like even with the rain it would have been a pretty good way to spend a Saturday night!

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