Friday, December 16, 2011

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Answers Your Questions at Socialite Life!

Greyson in the Socialite Life Studio answering questions

You may remember that last week Greyson Chance asked all his twitter followers to submit questions for him to answer during his interview with Socialite Life?

Greyson Chance talks about his warm up techniques

Well, the results are in and Greyson has released a new video answering a few of his fans questions!

Greyson talks about his 2012 tour dates and his favorite song at the moment and what it’s like to write new music.

The video is not very long but it’s a good one.

Well ok, so we STILL don’t know anything yet about 2012 tour dates but we know there will be some type of tour.

And seriously, this kid is a nervous twit and just CAN NOT sit still for one second! 

And after much debate and discussion we have decided we DO like Greyson’s new hair style afterall!

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