Thursday, December 15, 2011

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Interview with “Young Hollywood” on HOTTN Set!

Greyson on the HOTTN set with Young Hollyood

Greyson Chance sat down with Kinsey Schofield from “Young Hollywood” last month on the set of his new music video for “Hold On ‘Til The Night”.

And it looks like a war has erupted between his fans who call themselves Enchancers and those that are called Greysonators.

Now, we advocate for World peace and are sure that the two sides will come together and settle their differences peacefully.

Anyway, it is a great interview and Greyson talks a lot about his fans, twitter, and “unfriending” people - and he even makes a sly reference to the now infamous Lauren, whose name can be seen on his piano.

We like listening to Greyson talk about normal things like Facebook and twitter and not just the standard press questions he gets like, “How does it feel to be compared to Justin Bieber?”

That’s why we love you Greyson!

Follow @GreysonChanceU on Twitter – We won’t unfriend you!

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  1. hey hey.. first of all l would like to say thank you for you guys because make this blog. and i keep following all his news from you guys..thank you very much.. <3


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