Saturday, December 3, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Promo for His Upcoming Raising Hope Episode!

Greyson Chance in “The Men From Natesville” on Raising Hope

Greyson Chance will appear in his second “Raising Hope” episode on FOX this coming Tuesday, and the Greyson Chance Forum has scored one of the first looks at the new episode promos!

All we know so far is that Greyson’s character of “Little Jimmy” is the victim of a bully and he is seen wearing a woman’s blouse.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the upcoming episode to learn why he is dressed in women’s cloths!

We have also seen a few behind the scenes photos of Greyson on the set while filming his new episode titled “The Men From Natesville”.

Greyson Chance on the set of "Raising Hope"
Greyson On "Raising Hope" School Bus Set
Greyson wearing his mothers blouse
Greyson on the school bus set of "Raising Hope"

We can’t wait to see who this Tommy Bitzleburger character is….

It looks like there may not be any singing in this episode but that’s fine – we are excited to see Greyson away from the stage and piano and dive into the beginnings of an acting career.

In case you missed his first episode where he played the piano you can view our list of “Raising Hope” posts at the link below. Just scroll down through the stories to see all the videos, pictures, and summaries of Greyson’s adventure on “Raising Hope” and TV land!

And don’t forget to be watching for the December ‘American Dad” Christmas Special because Greyson will be supplying the voice of one of the characters.

More later…

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  1. I loved your blog ... I'll start translating into Portuguese some of your posts, i let the credits and you will have more visitors here

  2. Thanks Carol! Greyson Chance Universe and Greyson's fans appreciate your help!


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