Tuesday, December 13, 2011

VIDEO: Interview with Troy Carter – Greyson Chance’s Manager and Friend – Amazing!

Greyson's Manager Troy Carter Talks Music Biz With Billboard

It’s not just anybody who can manage a new rising musical talent - and I bet you have never heard of the name Troy Carter before have you?

But Troy knows what it takes to not only manage a new artist in the industry, but also established artists as well.

Troy Carter and Greyson
How do we know? Because Troy Carter manages BOTH Greyson Chance and Lady Gaga!

And if you want to see and hear an amazing behind the scenes insight into the wild world of managing a recording artist, then you need to watch this interview with Troy.

Troy Carter sat down with Billboard interviewer Bill Werde during the “7th annual Touring Conference and Awards” and spilled his guts about what it takes to manage Greyson and Gaga – and his plans for their future.

The interview starts with an inside comparison between Greyson and Justin Bieber, and Troy says that molding Greyson to become the next Justin would have been “the easy way to do it”. In fact, Troy’s job is to make sure that Greyson has a long career AFTER he pushes past his teenage years and says,

“I think his DNA is just different than Justin’s. While Bieber is more of a Pop artist, Greyson is more of an alternative artist - his musical instincts are way out whack for someone his age.”

This is truly an amazing interview about how things really work inside the music business and the thought process that emerges in front of, and behind, every artist in the industry today.

Wow. What an interesting look into the mindset of the man responsible for Greyson’s music career.

And you thought Greyson just got up on stage and belted out a few songs and then went home and played X-Box and ate junk food!

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  1. STEVIE WONDER! The perfect model for Greyson's career path, and it's so reassuring to hear it coming from Troy Carter. "The biggest thing is the songs . . incredible music . . which stood the test of time." To have a manager with just two clients, one being Gaga is like a dream come true.
    Troy talked about Greyson with Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber's manager in this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-mGQZPk2-U
    Billboard always comes up with the best interviews and videos. And props to Admin here for scooping this fascinating item.


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