Thursday, October 11, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Hosts Spreecast to Talk About “Truth Be Told: Part 1” EP Release

Greyson Chance on Spreecast
Greyson Chance took to Spreecast today to give his U.S. fans an update on his upcoming EP release titled “Truth Be Told: Part 1”

Greyson told his fans that the EP will be released into the Asian markets in October but would not be available for sale in the United States until December or January.

Greyson seemed crushed to have to tell his U.S. fans this news but went on to announce that the entire EP would also be uploaded in October to YouTube in a deal with his record label to not exclude his U.S. fans.

Greyson also mentioned that he will be in New York this week working on a new music video for “Sunshine & City Lights”

The only thing missing is any definitive news about a U.S. Tour - but it sounds like there will be one at some point.

It also sounds like the release date of the full album is sometime in 2013. And remember - album releases and tours tend to coincide with each other.

After the Spreecast chat, Greyson took to his twitter and posted the complete track list for "Truth Be Told Part 1" along with the cover art.

Greyson Chance New EP "Truth Be Told" Track List
"Truth Be Told" Track List

So, we’re all happy! Right guys?

Everybody gets to hear new music from Greyson this month regardless of what country it’s originally released in - and a full album and tour are still in the works.

Greyson CHance "Truth Be Told" EP Album Cover Art
Greyson's "Truth Be Told" EP Cover Art

But after watching that Spreecast you can see how brutal the real world music business can be and our heart broke listening to Greyson having to explain everything.

We wonder where Ellen DeGeneres has been through all this and would hope she is able to add more of her influence and assistance to Greyson as he continues to find his way through an industry she introduced to him.

Another part of us deep down also wants to say "Shame on you Interscope".

Just sayin…

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  1. One Thing Is For Sure, I'm Still Standing With Him. Even Through This News Is Disappointing For Me, A US Enchancer, And I Vow That I Will Not Listen To Any New Greyson Music Until The Full Album Or When The EP Is Released In The USA. But I Have A Feeling, That I Will Break That Promise.


  3. Spreecast again shows itself to be THE communication channel for Greyson. Eyeball to eyeball, live and unrehearsed, even a politician would hesitate to venture here.

    If these Spreecasts suddenly cease, it will be because Interscope/Geffen have twigged that the truth, as told by Greyson, is costing them DOLLARS, which, as everyone surely must know by now, is the only thing they care about.

    The "music INDUSTRY" :( Such an abominable juxtaposition of words. But it has unfortunately long been an accurate metaphor, as a young, but increasingly aware, Greyson, has come to understand.

    It hurts me to see him lose his innocent optimism, but this is what we ALL have to do, it's called Growing Up.

    Greyson is generously allowing us to witness his dealings with that entrenched parasitic monopoly, the LA Music Industry. Artists, unless they are superstars, rarely come off best in a fight with the moguls.
    The best they can hope for is to escape their servitude when the contract runs out.

    Greyson is at a crossroads. He can continue acquiring millions of younger and younger fans, traveling, touring, promoting in an endless soul-destroying circuit. Or hopefully move on, regain his autonomy, and do what he's here on Earth to do. Make music.

  4. In my lifetime Amazon has slain the Retail Giants. Similarly, the writing's long been on the wall for the Recording Industry dinosaurs. Their disdain for novel distribution channels which cost next to nothing ( i.e, internet) has left them floundering.
    Good riddance.

    Focusing on Greyson. Why does EVERYBODY assume that what's best for him is to follow Bieber's trail. SUCCESS is narrowly defined as record sales, merchandise revenue, bums-on-seats etc. rather than creative and personal fulfillment. Approaching three years as a pop idol is quite enough for a talented musician like Greyson. Let the endless line of untalented Bieber wannabes fight it out.

    Time, not money or fame, is what he needs now. Time to listen and learn to play other people's music. Time to completely forget about music for a while. To do other stuff and mix with young people as HIMSELF and not as a teen idol.

    Greyson Chance is way too gifted to be competing in the pop idol market. There will ALWAYS be challenging and fulfilling opportunities for him in the world of music.

  5. I admit that i'm pretty sad about the later release of Truth Be Told Part 1. He's right it is going to be a super long wait. But I am so impressed with how much he loves his fans. He actually thinks about the fans. I cant wait until Sunshine and City Lights, You Might Be the One, Leila, California Sky, and Take My Heart are released on YouTube. This guy continues to amaze me. He is just so deep. He definitely has his head and his heart in the right place

  6. Aw.... He said "City Lights will guide you home."


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