Tuesday, June 12, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Channel [V] Thailand TV Special – Full Boxing Lesson Episode

Greyson Chance Shorts Boxing Video Bangkok Thailand 2012
Greyson takes down his trainer during boxing lesson

It’s here!!! We finely get to see Greyson Chance in his Channel [V] TV Special he taped while on tour last month in Bangkok Thailand.

This is the video showing the footage of Greyson boxing in traditional Thai boxing attire including shorts, boxing gloves, and tattoo arm sleeves.

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Grelly at the punching bag
After a brief introduction by the host VJ Mike, and the customary background on Greyson’s career and how he got to where he is, the video recaps and highlights Greyson’s adventures while in Bangkok Thailand during his 2012 Asian Tour.

There are snippets from his television appearances, his concert showcase and meet and greet, and a full segment with Greyson learning how to Thai box with Mike at the Bangkok Fight Club!

The boxing segment starts at about 11:00 into the video.

Watch the Channel [V] Greyson Chance TV Special Full Episode

We think it’s interesting that in Greyson’s record contract there is a clause that says he never has to appear wearing shorts.

Our conclusion after watching this video several times is that Greyson is indeed a lover, and NOT a fighter.

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  1. Yes, definitely a lover and not a fighter :)

  2. What is name video, I want download it video using my phone, thanks :D

  3. He should come to Norway! and he can go at some mountains and maybe fish in the sea! :D if so, he should come to Lofoten, but to have a concert it'll probably be more fans in Oslo. ;D


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