Saturday, April 7, 2012

VIDEO - Big News! - Greyson Says ALL the Music for His NEW Album is DONE!

Greyson Chance talking to fans in KL Malaysia

Greyson Chance surprised his fans on Saturday with a Skype call to KL Malaysia in preparation for his upcoming Asian 2012 tour.

He surprised everybody by sharing the BIG BIG news that ALL the songs and music for his second album are ALREADY DONE and waiting for the final mix and release date announcements!

That’s a huge piece of information for Greyson to tell his fans and he would not have even admitted to it unless his record label said it was okay to let everyone know.

Greyson also said he will performing TWO cover songs during his upcoming concerts and that he will be performing "Running Away" live for the first time during a show! "Running Away" was only released on his Asian HOTTN repackage but you can listen to it HERE in case your not familiar with it.

It all went down during his Skype call in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and you can see and hear it for yourself on the following video:

The BIG announcement is at about the 2:20 mark where he talks about his new album.

You can see the entire “Greyson Day” video replay of his Skype call at the following link:

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You can see Greyson's entire Asia 2012 tour schedule dates, locations, and more info on his warm-up act Camryn at the following link:

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This means Greyson’s new album will probably be released THIS SUMMER in connection with his United States concert tour.

It is widely expected that after Greyson returns from his 2012 concert tour in Asia he will release information about the first leg of his 2012 U.S. tour including cities, venues, dates, and prices.

So we can look forward to not only a 2012 U.S. tour this summer but also a brand new album!

Way to go Greyson! We can’t wait.

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