Sunday, January 13, 2013

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Rewrites “Waiting Outside the Lines” for MTV Asia Appearance

Greyson Chance performing live on MTV 2013
Greyson Chance performing live on MTV

Greyson Chance is an artist that likes to change things up. And during his taping at MTV Sessions in November he did just that.

Greyson performed a version of “Waiting Outside The Lines” that was almost a complete rework – with new melodies, harmonies, and instrumentation.

We have always been a little concerned about what Greyson would do with his older songs once his voice changed but we are now convinced he knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

Watch Greyson Chance perform WOTL on MTV Sessions

Greyson’s performance of “You Might Be The One” was originally corrupted on MTV Asia’s site but has since been fixed and sounds amazing…

Watch Greyson Chance Perform YMBTO on MTV Asia

Puberty has been good to Greyson so far and these performances just make us want “Truth Be Told Part 2” even more!

Watch: Greyson Chance full MTV Asia performance - VIDEO
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Well played Greyson…

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  1. he cant hit high notes anymore ?

    1. That is ... so sad. I don't even know how to feel now.


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