Saturday, May 5, 2012

PHOTOS: Greyson Chance Goes Boxing in Bangkok Thailand

Greyson Chance in Boxing Gloves in Bangkok - 2012

Update: Watch the full video of Greyson Chance Boxing in Thailand!

Greyson Chance just completed his 2012 Asian Concert and Promotional tour with s Showcase performance in Bangkok Thailand.

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But Greyson was able to take a little time and do some sightseeing while in Bangkok and tweeted pictures of him visiting a few Buddhist Temples and riding the elephants at a local zoo.

Greyson visiting the Elephants at a Bangkok Zoo - 2012

But what most Enchancers got excited over where the photos of Greyson boxing in a Thai boxing ring!

The singer received a gift of boxing gloves and traditional Thai boxing shorts the day before at his meet and greet, and Saturday he put them to good use and climbed into the boxing ring!

Greyson Chance Boxing Gloves in Bangkok Thailand 2012
Greyson ready to box in Thailand - 2012

Greyson Chance Boxing Shorts in Bangkok Thailand 2012
Greyson Chance in the boxing ring
Greyson and his tongue go boxing Thailand 2012
Greyson and his tongue go boxing!
Greyson works with his trainer - 2012 Thailand
Greyson hitting the long bag in Bangkok 2012

Update: Watch the FULL video of Greyson boxing in Thailand!

Greyson also did a photo shoot for Channel V Thailand that seems to show a more mature side to the young rock star.

Greyson Photo Shoot in Bangkok - 2012

Greyson has now completed his 2012 Asian tour and is getting ready to return to the United States.

You can see ALL of his concert videos, press interviews, radio appearances, pranks, and photos at our special “Greyson’s Adventures in Asia 2012” blog link.

Have a safe trip back to Los Angeles Greyson and we’ll see you in Oklahoma soon!

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  1. I was singing a song and I looked at the picture of him at the photoshoot in Bangkok and I like forgot what I was singing! I am his number one fan!

  2. I'm new to being a enchancer so yep but I think he's sweet in every way and cute and I luv his song unfriend u

  3. OMGawd those pale legs! My favourite skin colour!


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