Thursday, January 24, 2013

NEWS FLASH - Greyson Chance Leaves Interscope Geffen Record Label

Greyson Chance parts ways with his record Label Interscope
Greyson Chance parts ways with his record Label Interscope

Singer Greyson Chance announced today that he has left his record label - Interscope Geffen A&M Records.

Interscope was instrumental in helping launch Greyson’s career and took the lead role in getting his debut album “Hold On ‘Til The Night” released in the United States and Southeast Asia.

According to Greyson the parting was friendly in nature.

The split has been welcomed by many of his fans as it appeared his U.S. promotional potential was being curtailed at times by Interscope.

Greyson took to twitter on Thursday to say,
“So the word is out that myself and Interscope have parted ways. It was a positive parting, for both of us, and I will always remember them as my first home and my first record label. I will miss my friends at IGA, but I think that this is a positive thing for my artistic career and for the future. HOTTN would’ve been nothing without their staff and I am forever grateful to have bonded with everyone at Interscope. #newfrontiers”
Greyson now appears to be operating under the corporate name of Greyson Chance Music L.L.C. that names the Corporate Officers as Greyson Chance, Scott Chance, Lisa Chance, and a media attorney based in Beverly Hills California.

We have no doubts that Greyson will find a new home and continue his amazing career as quickly as possible.

One insider told us,
“In this day of YouTube, internet downloads, and digital music it makes sense to abandon the large cumbersome labels and search for a smaller, more independent label that can offer a more comprehensive 360 type record deal. To be honest, artists don’t need the large labels as much anymore.”
Greyson Chance Universe remains committed to supporting Greyson, and helping to promote him in any way we can.

Our conclusion is this may be the best thing that could happen to Greyson’s career and will now give him room to explore his talents without having to worry about recoup costs and cross collateralization fees that no doubt ate away most of his royalties with Interscope.

Go get 'em Greyson! We're with you all the way!!!

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  1. I will still support you ! Love You Grey <3

  2. A wise move Greyson, A unique voice, a great relaxed talent. You are only 15 and even if we double your age you are still only 30 and growing.
    Plenty of time, relax and take it all in. Develop your style and musical skills. Don't part with 'Ellen' her audience is huge and diverse. We all look forward to your new sounds and infectious demeanour

  3. i wish nothing but the BEST for greyson #keepspiritgrey!

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