Monday, September 12, 2011

Video – First Greyson Chance “Raising Hope” Promo is Out - Check It Out!

Greyson Chance on the set of "Raising Hope"
Okay all you Greyson Chance fans – it’s here!

The first official commercial showing Greyson in the upcoming “Raising Hope” TV show is out.

The tilte for the first show is “Prodigy” and Greyson will play the younger version of the shows star.

The show will show Greyson in flashbacks as they cast members “look back” at what could have been.

This is Greyson’s first show at a network television show and he says it was a blast but music is still his first love.

We gotta say, we wouldn’t mind seeing him in a TV show every now and then as long as he keeps up with his music career.

Way to go Greyson!

Will YOU be watching?

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