Sunday, October 9, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Already Plotting His Role on “Glee”

Greyson on Glee?
Greyson Chance has already appeared on the sitcom “Raising Hope”, and has just finished recording his voice role for this years “American Dad” Christmas Special – so what does the 14-year-old singer want to do next?

Greyson Chance wants to be on Glee!

That’s right. And he has even gone as far as developing the story line for his episode should producers decide to welcome him as a guest on the show.

Greyson told Glee creator Ryan Murphy that he loves the show and has already created an idea for an episode with him.

The plot goes like this:

Finn’s father has died and he learns his dad had a secret romance that resulted in Greyson’s character being Finn’s half-brother.

Confused? We’ll let Greyson tell it in his own words:

Word is the producers of Glee are aware of Greyson’s desire to be on the show and have already discussed the possibilities with his management team – including Ellen DeGeneres.

In fact, last Year Ellen helped spearhead a push to have fans tweet creator Ryan Murphy saying they wanted to see Greyson on the show.

We hear from a little bird that if there is an episode it would likely be taped and aired during sweeps week in May of next year.

Anther little bird told us of a different idea being kicked around where Greyson is the nephew of Sue Sylvester who transfers to the school and joins the Glee Club to act as a spy so Sue can thwart the efforts of the Club.

Greyson Chance
Young Greyson playing the evil role of Sue’s accomplice?


Nothing official has been announced and all we have heard from insiders are just rumors.

But we think there WILL be an episode with Greyson at some point “when the time is right”.

Please don’t make us wait too long!

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