Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is Greyson Chance a Nerd? – Photo

Greyson Chance Swaps Candy at Wonka In L.A.
So, I guess we know that while Greyson Chance is far from being a nerd in real life, he does like to wear nerd shirts every now and then!

Greyson made an appearance at the Wonka Candy Store at L.A.’s City Walk last week to help celebrate Halloween, bring attention to charity for the Wonka Nation, and help promote their Golden Ticket Sweepstakes.

Greyson Chance is a Nerd

Greyson traded candy with the Oompa Loompa men and took pictures with fans and signed copies of his CD “Hold on ‘Til The Night”.

You can visit the Wonka site to enter the Golden Ticket Contest

Needless to say there was TONS of free candy and treats!

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