Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance BIZARRE Interview with Boy Thunder 91.3 In Singapore

Greyson Chance on Awkward Interview in Singapore

Greyson Chance spent some time with Boy Thunder 91.3 FM in Singapore yesterday for one of the most bizarre interviews we’ve ever seen.

Greyson was once again was wearing his black bomber jacket but with a Bob Dylan t-shirt on underneath.

Greyson was asked about having a girlfriend, and what songs off his album he can relate to.

Greyson in Singapore
Really? Greyson wrote half the songs on his album so you would assume he can relate to ALL of them but he had to explain that to his interviewer.

But then in a somewhat bizarre twist, the DJ started asking Greyson about women and if he would date a much older women.

Greyson was visibly embarrassed and started squirming around in his chair. But it got worse….

Next he was shown pictures of older women that worked at the radio station and asked if he would date them, and the last picture was a picture of the MALE host who said “I also wanted to be in there.”


One of the older women was already a mother of two children!

Greyson is a true professional and played off the awkward interview with class and style. That’s why he has a new album and is on tour – and we’re not.

Anyway, after Greyson finishes his appearances in Singapore he will perform at 1Borneo Hypermall-Gourmet Lane in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia before heading out this weekend to Manila Philippines for a few days.

Greyson will then travel to Jakarta Indonesia for his first Indonesian concert on November 23rd.

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