Monday, November 14, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance – Funny Moments at KL Live in Singapore Malaysia with - Photos

Greyson getting pranked by Ryan in Singapore
Greyson Chance has survived his first official trip to Malaysia – but not without a few funny moments, pranks, and classic pictures.

The singer took to the KL Live Stage in Singapore last weekend to sing his hit songs off his new album “Hold on ‘Til The Night” and to visit with his fans for pictures and autographs.

But Ryan from decided that he would see how good Greyson’s security team was as he crashed his dressing room, then put on a wig and took to the stage for a little fun by trying to make the audience think he was Greyson.

Greyson then took the stage and belted out a few songs including “Paparazzi”, “Cheyenne”, “Waiting Outside the Lines”, and “Hold on ‘Til The Night”.

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The 14-year-old singer also took some time to pose for a few funny pictures including one with him wearing a wig, and another photo wearing a black suit and tie that made him look suspiciously like a young Paul McCartney from the Beatles!

Greyson Wearing a Wig in Malaysia
Greyson looking like a member of the Beatles

Greyson visited both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore before heading out to Manila to continue his Asian tour in the Philippines.

Watch Greyson Chance Sing "Paparazzi" In Singapore

Greyson will return to the United States later this month just in time for his second appearance on the hit U.S. television show “Raising Hope” and the “American Dad” Christmas Special that will air in December.

Greyson is also preparing for his 2012 concert tour and will be releasing his tour dates soon.

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  1. KL Live Stage in Singapore. Hmm you mean, in Malaysia?

  2. KL Live Stage is in Malaysia not Singapore.

  3. I love Greyson Chance so much....BTW,also love his concert at KL.. <3 <3

  4. can't believe i got to hug and literally dance with him <3


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