Monday, December 19, 2011

VIDEO: Greyson Chance Interview in Malaysia – Talks About Dating Girls and Getting Tattoos!

Greyson Chance Interview with Zher in Malaysia

We just uncovered another great interview with Greyson Chance from his promo tour last month in Malaysia!

Greyson sat down with Zher the day after he landed to talk about his tour and new album, and what it’s like when he goes into the recording studio to write new songs.

Greyson's Magic Hands
He also mentioned that he is starting to learn the drums and has also started playing the bass guitar a little.

Greyson also says his fame has meant big changes in the way he does school and dates girls saying he isn’t really dating right now because he is travelling all the time.

He says the question he hates the most is when people ask him what the perfect date would be saying “I’m only 14-years-old – what do they want from me? I can’t even drive yet…”

You can also tell he was a bit uncomfortable talking about getting a tattoo….

Great interview…. And once again we notice he is a nervous twit and can’t sit still for 5 seconds. But that's why we love him!

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1 comment:

  1. -They need to work on their picture sharpness before the picture-in-picture effects. OTOH that's pretty good audio for being recorderd on her phone.

    - Malaysia is an island, so I don't blame her for not instantly realizing "Riiiihgt, 14 or not, where ARE you gonna find a beach in the middle of Oklahoma?"

    -Tattoo!? Where did that come from!? Geez, the kid only just started wearing leather jackets and now you're talking tats? Don't rush him THAT much!


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