Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PHOTOS - Greyson Chance Shows Off NEW Haircut and Shaved Head!

Greyson Chance shaves his head with new haircut
Greyson's shaved head!
Greyson Chance made good on his promise and surprised his fans last night when he tweeted pictures of his new haircut and shaved head!

Earlier this month Greyson told an interviewer in Singapore that he was thinking about shaving the sides of his head over the Holiday break - and it looks like he actually did it!

Greyson took to twitter to tell his fans,
“I have a surrrppprisee. You're either going to love it or hate it... I did it! New holiday haircut. Can you tell it's shaved? What do you think?”
Greyson’s fans immediately took sides, with some loving the new shaved hair, and some not quite convinced of his new look yet…

(Click any photo for a full size HD version)

Greyson Chance shows off new shaved head
Greyson Chance shows off new shaved head!
Greyson Chance new haircut with shaved sides!
Greyson Chance new haircut with shaved sides!
Greyson Chance with a pants down Cody Simpson Doll
Greyson Chance with a pants down Cody Simpson Doll 

Of course Greyson's fans immediately took to twitter to trend "We Love #GreysonsNewHaircut" in an effort to show the singer that he had their love and support.

We love the new style ourselves and like the way Greyson shows himself as an independently thinking artist not concerned with conforming to an industry of over produced music and personal style.

Now, as far as the photo of Greyson holding a Cody Simpson doll with his pants down……

Well, let’s just say we love his new shaved hair!

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  1. Cody Simpson doll with pants down. Hilarious!

  2. Grey-Grey, please never get a tattoo or piercing. Stick to Singaporian standards. You are loved the way you are!


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