Monday, December 5, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance on Good Day L.A. - Is There a Lady Gaga Collaboration in the Works?

Greyson sporting a shorter haircut on Good Day LA

Greyson Chance made his second appearance on Good Day LA this morning, and he was sporting a new shorter haircut that made him look pretty darn cute and clean cut.

Of course there had to be the necessary background conversation about how he was discovered and the 44 million YouTube Views he has to date, but conversation quickly moved to his upcoming appearance on “Raising Hope” and about his desire to appear in an episode on “Glee”.

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They also talked about Greyson doing his school on-line and who his role models are.

But the big news came at the end of the interview where Greyson may have just let one big huge cat out of the bag. See if you catch it!

Interesting - Greyson seems to imply that there may be some type of collaboration with Lady Gaga in the works.

Now THAT’S a song we would like to hear and a video we would like to see!

Don’t forget to watch “Raising Hope” at 9:30 Eastern on the FOX Network. If you want to see our posts, videos, and photos of Greyson's first appearance you can check out our Raising Hope Archives.

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